LSAT Registration 2024 | Step-by-Step Guide on How to Register

LSAT Registration

When will LSAT Registration for 2024 begin? For students who wish to sit for the LSAT in 2023/2024, they need to begin the process of registration one month before the test date. Early registration is not only good for easy processing but also helps candidates prepare for the test well before the test date arrives. 

Students aiming for top law schools in the USA or Canada must be ready to put in more work in preparation for this test, and the first is registering on the right time. It is an online registration and it does not take much time to complete. If you haven’t registered for LSAT for the first time, I will show you how to register in this article.

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LSAT Registration Procedure

LSAT Registration is done online, you have to create an account on LSAC portal or login if you already have an account. If you can’t do it online, there’s a phone service to help you register, just call (215) 968-1001. 

Here’s a Step-by-step guide on how to complete your LSAT Registration:

Step 1. Create account on LSAC website

This account is the dashboard where you track your application to schools. It will show deadlines for tests and when the results will be released. You will also get an LSAC account number, which is now your main means of identification on all LSAC online services. 

Step 2. Register for LSAT test 

Law schools in the United States and Canada require LSAT for students who are going to study law. While still logged in to your LSAC account, register for the LSAT test, and schedule your test in a pattern that it won’t be difficult for you to prepare for the test. 

Step 3. Find the perfect law school 

Candidates who have registered an account in LSAC can find schools that are the best fitting to them. Use the LSAC school finder to choose the best school. 

Step 4. Provide requirements 

There are many requirements needed to apply for a law school but some schools have less requirements than others. However, you need your transcript and a recommendation letter

How to register for LSAT on phone 

There is now an option for students to register for these tests using only their phone. Though the online registration process is easier, some students can still make use of this option. You have to call (215) 968-1001 for LSAT phone registration. They are ready to answer your calls between 8:30am to 4:45 pm on weekdays. It is a busy phone line so you need to keep calling when they are not answering you. For better service experience, call on Thursday as experience from most students has shown easy registration when they phone in on a Thursday. Monday is too busy and you will keep calling without success. 

How to make the Law School Admission Test registration easy 

The process is not too difficult but still, it should be a bit easier for College students to do it without needing help. There have been some incidents of students who got confused on the day of the test, even though they did the registration very well. To avoid some of the hiccups people face with LSAT, follow these tips to register and preserve your LSAC account. 

Review your LSAC information once again 

Don’t just believe what your account says after keying in your details, take another look and ensure all your details are correct. If you have changed your name anytime soon, ensure it reflects in your documents to avoid issues. 

Use (L#) on your LSAC account number 

This will help with system verification and assessing your details. Also, make sure your account number is correct whenever you want to communicate with any LSAC services. 

Use active email while registering 

It is important that you don’t use a generated email while registering on any LSAC portal. Addition to that, make sure LSAC messages are landing in your inbox and not spam folder. 

Don’t delete your application information

These documents may not be in use while in law school or rarely in use, but don’t delete them for any reason. Keep them as some law cases in the future will arise, and they will be needed. 

Keep your information private 

LSAC have privacy policies to protect your information in their system. Don’t release your information to anyone unless it is a law school you are applying admission into. 


LSAT Registration can be done from Monday to Sunday on the online application portal of LSAC. Registration through phone call is done only on weekdays and you must call between 8:30am to 4:45pm.

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