Alberton high school fees 2024/2025 Application Form Fees

Alberton high school fees

Let’s start with Quantile levels to help you understand the fees at Alberton High School. It’s similar to how the government determines how much money (in South African Rands -ZAR) to give to public schools in order to provide free education. According to the South African Schools Act (SASA), all School Governing Bodies (SGBs) in public schools are required to supplement government financing by requesting parents to pay school fees and participating in other fundraising efforts. There are, however, some institutions known as ‘no fee schools’ that do not charge any tuition. Whether a school is considered a “no fee school” is determined by the economic well-being of the neighborhood surrounding the school.

Alberton High School Fees 2024

Alberton High School, being a public school, does charge school fees to students. However, the fees at public schools are generally more affordable than those at private schools, making them accessible to a broader range of students and families.

So, the government will assist each students with:

  • Quantile 1: R1,177
  • Quantile 2: R1,177
  • Quantile 3: R1,177
  • Quantile 4: R590
  • Quantile 5: R204

Sometimes the money given to schools based on their quantile levels is insufficient, especially for schools with higher quantiles. These are frequently independent schools. As a result, in order to fulfill their expenses, schools must find alternative funding sources. They rely on donations from people who want to help and fees paid by students’ families. This money assists schools in paying for things like facilities, resources, and other school-related expenses. Learn more about school fee waivers.

Is Alberton High School a NO-FEE school

Alberton High School is not categorized as a “no-fee” school. “No-fee” schools in South Africa are public schools that receive government funding to cover the cost of tuition, textbooks, and other essential educational resources for all South African citizens. These schools are intended to provide access to education for students who may not have the financial means to attend fee-paying schools.

Which Quantile is Alberton High School

The Alberton high school is rated quantile Q5 .

The quantile rating is based on various factors, including the socioeconomic status of the students’ families and the school’s academic performance.

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