Is Easy Money University Real | Legit or Fake?

Is Easy Money University Real? We all know that the process of making money is not that easy but is there an institution called Easy Money University to make it easy? Many things do exist in today’s world. People have been able to see and experience some things that were not in existence many years ago. Things are becoming easier; even some professionals are losing their jobs if they refuse to subscribe to another easy way of doing things. 

Technology has really brought lists of disruptive changes in many professions. The time of needing a helicopter to shoot video from the sky is not feasible since drones are now available. People needed to have a compass, camera, map, stopwatch, and flash light while going for a weekend trip in the countryside. However, those things are no longer relevant when you have your iPhone or android phone. Things that need a large bag to carry can now fit into someone’s pocket. Isn’t that easy life in its fullest? And the phrase Easy money may not even be related to a University, but let’s find out in details below. 

What is Easy Money University all about? 

Easy money University is what Orlando Brown Jr says instead of the name of their high school. Has the school changed its name to easy money University and no one was aware? I don’t think so. Orlando Brown went to the University of Oklahoma but instead of calling the school name he said Easy money University. This is not a mistake because he owned it after posting the same phrase on his Twitter handle. 

Orlando Brown Jr is yet to explain in detail why he didn’t call the real name of his school. Some began to attribute what he said to mean there is an actual school with such a name. However, we have done a critical research to find out no school in the United States or anywhere in the world answers Easy money University. Now, does that mean that it does not exist? Continue reading as this question will be answered clearly in this article. 

Is Easy Money University Real

No, there is nothing like Easy Money University existing anywhere in the world. Orlando Brown is the person to use that phrase “Easy Money University” when he should have just called the university he studied at. It was funny and somewhat confusing for fans. Brown in reality went to the University of Oklahoma, where he played for the Sooners and performed very well. People were thinking he was making a mistake when he first used that catchphrase in 2020 but it was clear that was intentional when he said it again. People were recently asking if it’s bad that Orlando Brown Jr said Easy Money University? But No, people are allowed to say whatever they want as a catchphrase or slang. University of Oklahoma is still using its name and has not changed to Easy Money in any way. Maybe Brown is simply insinuating that people should work harder and learn skills. 

Can a school answer Easy Money University?

There is no way a real school can decide to answer Easy Money. The name will imply that making easy money will be taught in the school, but we all know that there’s no formula to making money in an easy way. 

Schools have the right to answer anything but reasonable institutions seek to have a name that will represent what they do. Using a funny name will also suggest that such a school is not serious with what they do. 

How to know fake schools

There are some school names that are not in existence. Mostly, these names come from movie universities or just from a random mention. 

Here are some ways to identify a school is fake and does not exist:

1. Random name 

The name “Easy Money University” is so random that it means nothing. People will only believe this to be an online school that scam people. So, no real school will call their institution easy money. School names in movies can be more confusing because the producers will want everything to look real. 

2. No Real Address 

There is no place a school is called Easy Money. I have conducted extensive Google and found nothing of such. Even the person that made up that phrase went to a real school and the name doesn’t resemble easy money. 

3. No Real Alumni 

I have done research to find if there’s someone in anywhere that has attended this University but found none. Every real school must have Alumni or students who are still studying there. 

4. No platform for communication 

These are not Facebook, Twitter, instagram or YouTube channels that belong to Easy Money University. Whatever online that has this name is not a real University but one scheme like that. 

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