How do I make money online as a student in Nigeria? How can students make money without losing focus on academics? It is obvious that some students in Nigeria lay their dependence on their parents to care for almost everything  that concerns them in school which ranges from payment of school fees, upkeep, light bill, feeding and lot more to write.

However this article is concerned with providing you, as a student in Nigeria the best and easy ways to make money online without a doubtful mind of losing in your academic pursuit.

Although,  this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no hardworking students who make amazing sum to support themselves in school. There are many undergraduates who do numerous works as side hustles and petty jobs which they engage themselves in in order to maximize their living rate and minimize their “disturbances” on their parents as well.

That as said, if you are really interested in knowing some cool ways to earn better as a student in Nigeria without slack in your academic grades, then, this is the right article to read as it give you the best guides and “follow-ups” to making such good money as a student.

It is a general idea that combining your studies with other works as hustle is as difficult  as living in Nigeria but this is not said to prevent you from putting in efforts on the things that would fetch you a decent sum amounts.

There are two options left for you: either you venture into online or offline business which you are left to choose from the two categories the one that best works for you.

How to make money Online as a student in Nigeria

How to make money as a student

Bellow are the best ways you can earn money online as a student in Nigeria:

1. Photocopy and Printing Business

Photocopying and printing have turned to be a hot cake in Nigeria living both the students and non-students alike to run into it due to its hot demand in the Nigerian universities.

Photocopying and printing is a very easy business to start because it gives you room to choose when to work. (Work hours)

Photocopy and printing is best among students as it requires a low capital to start with, and requires some gadgets (I.e, printer and laptop) and a mini power generating set.

It would also interest you to know that to starting a photocopy and printing business does not necessarily demand that you own a shop. You can squat anywhere within the campus. Although, in doing this, you must choose  a place with huge member of students/mass to help bring you traffic with no issues.

Again, if you think that going into photocopy and printing business can swallow up your time as a student, you can as well employ a worker who you would share the proceeds with at the end of the agreed period. You may decide to pay him a certain amount of money (salary) at the end of each month.

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2. Data or Recharge card business

Data reselling is as simple as buying data from telecom companies (although it is usually bought in bulk) then selling them to your customers bit by bit at a rate which must be cheaper than that as sold by those telecom companies.

On the other hand, Recharge card business is all about selling recharge vouchers to some person who want to recharge their phones which in turn you would charge them a sum certain in money.

This business also comes with printing of recharge cards (airtime), transfers, selling of data at a very cheap rate, paying of all sorts of online bills (recharging of cables, NEPA bills, findings, etc). All you need is a recharge card printing software which costs about 20,000 Naira + registration fee which costs about 5,000 Naira. The total sum is 25,000 Naira ($46).

The printing software is a one time purchase item but registrations are renewed yearly. Schoolisle can help you out with this. Simply contact us at

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is fortunately known to be one of the best ways through which you can make money online as a student in Nigeria.

Freelancing means, selling one’s services to clients without a long-term employment contract. It could be online or offline contract.

Freelancing means, the services of helping people perform a particular tasks within a specific timeframe which, in return, you get paid for the job performed. One interesting fact to know about Freelancing is that it doesn’t require any age limit which explains that it’s a way of making a decent money as a secondary school student or a high school student as well.

But before going into Freelancing as a your business,  you need to learn a good skill.

Here are some good skills which can help you earn good just by providing a freelance service to people. They include, coding,  logo designs,  article writing,  WordPress development,  graphic design, virtual assistants, and et cetera.

However, as a freelancer,  their are somethings that must be present in order to be good at work. They include good laptop, good internet connection, electricity to power up your gadgets is not an exception to it.

4. Blogging

Blogging is well known to be one of the ways in which one can earn better as a student in Nigeria.

To make a good blogger, you must have the “big brain” to write a quality and unique contents. If you can write good contents on your blog with a good management of a weblog successfully, then that should give you a chance to earn well as a student in Nigeria.

To make a successful blogger however, you must focus your initiative on a particular topic (or Niche as often referred ) then bring out the best in you so that your audience would come back for the second.

Requirements for creating a weblog:

To have your website, all you have to do is, have your domain and hosting.

How to make money by blogging:

You can make money on your website by applying for various monetization programs like: Google AdSense,, Propeller Ads or you can even earn my selling a physical product on your website or with affiliate marketing.

5. Programming: How to Make Money Online

If you’re a computer science student (and/or other related science courses) this should interest you to include in your knowledge.

Programming includes various sections which you have to choose one as your area of specialization. Either you choose web design  and development or you choose android/iOS development, embedded systems programming or game development etc.

As a student and/or programmer, you can make money in various ways:

  • Through Freelancing
  • By creating mobile apps and earning through Ads
  • By doing assignments and final year projects for final year students.
  • Organising a tutorial both online or offline.

6. Organising a paid tutorial for students

Doing this is as simple as understanding  that not all students are academically strong to comprehend so quickly from the lecturers. This makes it easier for one to organize tutorials for such students. Tutoring business is one of ways one can earn good money as a student in Nigeria.

To start this business,  you need a place which would serve as a teaching hall, and also, there must be students, usually the first years students who are not yet academically strong in the campus.

To get more attention from others, you can choose to gift your students some freebies like textbooks or other reading materials which could help you fetch others to tutor as a “tutorial master”.

In order to earn here, you may choose to bill your students daily or monthly depending the agreement.

Apart from academic tutorials, you can organize financial freedom conference just for few hours or few days. Teach people how to be financially free. Before you do this, you must have gained your grounds in a particular area of business which shows that you are well exposed to businesses.

7. Photography

For the sake of keeping memories, Nigerian students have increase their love for photographs as they widen their experiences in the university by attending events and other entertainment shows thereby increasing  the demand for professional photographers in the university.

How you can make money as a photographer is as simple as taking a passport photographs for students who might need it, taking pictures at different event centres, selling your pictures online and etc .

However,  to start a photography business, all you are required to have is:

  • Location: this is just a place where you will situate yourself and your business so you will be noticed at a glance.
  • Camera or a smartphone that has a good camera.
  • Computer or a laptop with which you can edit your photo.
  • Printer / a photo printer anyways.
  • Good editing skill

8. Producing Soaps and disinfectants

This happens to be a businessman  for only those who have the skill of producing soap or disinfectant.

In addition, if you can make soap, powdered or bar-soap, lotion, and etc, it can help you fetch a good money as a student. Also, you can also earn here by organising  a teaching class for others who may be interested in learning  the skill from you.

9. Social Media Marketing: Make money online

This involves promoting a product  for a friend or a company thereby earning  a good commission for each sale or referral you make.

If you have an active social media followers, page, friends,  group  on either Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter this can help you earn well as a student by following the aforesaid ways and promoting other’s businesses or products and earning a referral commission.

10. Trading cryptocurrencies, Forex, Stocks: Ways to Make Money Online

Although trading is risky but as well it is a profitable business with which many Nigerian students use to earn better and pay up their bills.

However, before going into the business you must have a good knowledge to trade either cryptocurrency, Forex or Stock depending on which is your choice.

However, this bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Forex are known to be digital currencies which trader make money simply by buying those assets at a low price and selling higher price for profits depending on the rate. Because of the exchange rate, trading cryptocurrencies and Forex have become one of best ways most profitable ways of making money online as a student. However,  as many do not have such trading experience,  it is advisable that you have your accounts managed by market experts who are better in the trading market.

Here, I can recommend you to an expert whom I have come across with the believe that he is good in trading and teaching Forex. You can only reach him on WhatsApp via +234 813 3045 602.

However, we recommend and advise you to read more of trading articles and materials if you do not have such trading experience because you lose a lot of money when you don’t know how to trade them but as profitable like an oil business when you have learnt how to trade as well.

Other ways you can make money as a student includes:

  1. Paid Online Surveys
  2. Selling of past question papers and other useful booklets
  3. Hairdressing or Barbing
  4. Building a Viewing Centre / cinema centre
  5. Selling used goods for students
  6. Events planning
  7. Creating and uploading Videos on YouTube.
  8. Graphics design

Conclusion: How to make money online in Nigeria as a Student

Before I draw the curtain, I like to remind you that this post is all about how you can make money  as a student in Nigeria. Therefore you can always read and re-read in order to find the area that best suits your understanding.  Read carefully as this involves making money and I know you would not like to be left behind.


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