Is ASM Scholarships Legit? Well, this is a good question to ask as someone who is looking for a scholarship to further their career and has no time to lose money and time. However, there are many scholarships offered from different entities claiming to link you with a wealthy donor, but are just looking for an opportunity to scam you. 

ASM Scholarships is in the business of helping students achieve their dream by connecting them with scholarships. This is just their own promise, are they truly going to fulfill this promise? 

In this article, We are going to unmask this program called ASM Scholarships. We will find out how they operate, outline some of their promises and verify if they are real or another scam looking for an innocent student to scam. But before we dive into that, let’s first learn what the ASM Scholarships are all about. 

What are the ASM Scholarships all about? 

ASM Scholarships is an organization that helps University students by providing financial support to continue their programs. They promise to offer students with any scholarship they need ranging from grants, full scholarships, and any form of financial aid. To top it up, they promise to support students in buying their needed textbooks, cover their living expenses and many other promises. 

ASM Scholarships started in October 2018 in West Palm Beach, Florida by Christopher Vidal and Ernie Els as a sports group. Both the founders have 10 years and 30 years work experience in relevant sectors. This has made them start very well by providing a whopping sum of $7,500,000 in scholarships to students in sports related programs. These are claims on their website but are they true? Now, let’s dig deep into whether the many claims by ASM Scholarships are real or fake. 

Is ASM Scholarships Legit? 

Yes, ASM Scholarships are legit and they truly offer scholarships to qualified candidates in sports and other programs. ASM Scholarships is dedicated to helping sports and non-sport students reach their highest goal by offering them many types of scholarships. They are duly registered with nonprofit organizations. The method they operate is very transparent and has all the signs of a legitimate scholarship organization. 

Students can trust ASM Scholarships when seeking admission to finish their programs. This website,, has been used by many students to secure scholarships in sports and other programs of their choice.

Application process 

Candidates who are ready to apply for ASM Scholarships should visit the official website, and find the best scholarship that will be best suitable for them. Provide all the important requirements they need and go ahead to apply for scholarships. 

Types of ASM Scholarships

There are two major types of scholarships ASM Scholarships offer to students. They have sports scholarships and academic scholarships. Each of them have their peculiar requirements for students in the United States and international students. 

1. Sports Scholarships 

This type of scholarship specifically helps students who have interest in sports connect coaches in big schools and Ivy league Universities. The number one requirement is that the applicant must be between the age of 14 and 24. 

Sports Scholarships at works for both students in the United States and students abroad to find perfect scholarships. And from 2018 till date, they have helped about 1,000 students with scholarship offers. The average award is from $35,000 upwards for each athlete. 

  • How high school athletes can prepare for ASM Scholarships

The process is straightforward for all applicants, even international athletes, but for better chances, they need to put in more effort in securing most of the documents needed for scholarship. Additionally, The scholarship will only benefit international students who are ready to reach out to coaches through ASM Scholarships, and not wait for coaches to call them first. 

2. The academic scholarships 

This one works to offer student tailored advice on how to get into Ivy league schools and other top universities in the United States

How it works: 

  1. They offer you a free assessment section to determine if you are qualified for any scholarship. 
  2. After that, they will connect you with schools that are offering scholarships in your chosen program. 
  3. You then have to write an essay, which is compulsory when applying for scholarships. 
  4. The last part is where you will be offered a scholarship in any school of your choice. 

Final verdict on whether ASM Scholarships is Legit

The website,, has an about us page, a contact us page and other information about the scholarship. They have details of the founders of the organization on the website. Also, there has been testament of students who were offered scholarships by this organization. So, they are legit and not a scam. 


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