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Is Big Future Scholarships Legit? This is the same question ringing in the minds of many people who are looking for genuine scholarships after their high school. Moreover, no one wants to be stuck with a system that doesn’t work and waste their time, or money. 

Are you also asking if the Big Future Scholarships is Legit? Or are you looking for the answer because someone from your community or a friend is trying to use Big Future. Don’t worry as you are now in the right place to guide you as you bonder on whether to use Big Future or not. 

In this article, We are going to reveal to you some of the things you need to know about Big Future Scholarships. But before that, let’s see what Big Future Scholarships are all about. 

Overview of Big Future Scholarships

Big Future or Big Future Scholarships is an online service that promises to help high school graduates who wish to further their career into the university. They claim to offer the best career advice on which is the best college or university to apply for, and the best scholarship for the candidate. 

On their website page (, which is operated with College board, they clearly stated that they will help students plan for College, pay college fees and explore programs that will work best for the student. Now, with all these promises, Is Big Future Scholarships Legit? Well, we will find out below. 

Is Big Future Scholarships Legit

Yes, they are legit as they met all the requirements needed to operate as a scholarship organization. Also, people have many testimonies of how they were able to navigate through things after leaving high school with the help of Big Future. 

Scholarships are perfect for low income earners and Big Future cater for these people by the quality service they provide. More so, their operation has been helpful to many students as they have to choose from about 3,000 Colleges. Big Future Scholarships also has a very clear operation that makes the whole process as transparent as possible. 

How can Big Future Scholarships help students

High school leavers use these organizations to plan for their next line of action. They offer guidance on the school to apply for, and the type of scholarships to look for. These are choices every student needs to make but Big Future has plans to make things very smooth through their system. 

1. Choose College 

The first thing you can do with Big Future Scholarships is to plan for your College. 2021 research shows that 62% of the high school graduates in the United States get admitted to college. This shows that many secondary school leavers are interested in furthering their academics. However, the challenge is which college to choose? And this is where Big Future Scholarships come in. Big Future has about 3,000 Colleges, and they will help you choose the best one for your desired program. 

2. Pay school fees

Another challenge students face while applying for College admission is when, and how to pay school fees. And as always, has a system that helps students pay their school fees

3. Scholarship offers 

Students have the opportunity to take part in the monthly scholarship entries where they can get either full-scholarship or part-scholarships. 

4. Financial aid guide 

Big Future Scholarships also help students calculate the cost for each college they will be applying for. Also, the cost of taking out a loan as a College student. 

5. Career projection 

Students using Big Future have the opportunity to connect with over 1,000 skills in any program. This way, they can see how lucrative the course they have chosen is, and its future growth projection. To me, this is a very valuable service as it helps students avoid career paths that are not going to grow in the future. Also, students get to learn about projected salaries to expect from the chosen career path. 

Critical ways to verify real scholarships 

High school graduates may be the target of all these scholarship scams out there. So, since we have found out that is legit, let’s help you with tips to verify any scholarship offer. 

1. Official website 

The first thing you need to do when you see a scholarship opportunity is to visit the official website and verify if they are real or bogus websites. Look at the application process to know if they are correct. Check out the requirements and verify if they are the same with most of the real scholarships. 

2. Verify Testimony 

Many online platforms offer paid review to scam scholarship organizations. So, verify if the testimony on the website is true by checking other social media handles of that particular scholarship. 


Were you asking if the Big Future Scholarships is Legit but has been clarified? Then check out our reviews we have on most of the popular scholarship programs out there. 

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