Is NewU University Legit | Real or a Scam? 

Is NewU University Legit? NewU University is a nonprofit institution that has teachers and entrepreneurs working very hard to bring out students with diverse knowledge to solve today’s problems. They are developing industry professionals around different sectors to tackle challenging issues in the world. 

Students applying for University education are becoming skeptical when they see schools like NewU University, which does not blow its trumpet like others. Aspirants do not want to waste money and time attending a scam University. That, and many issues are the main reason we are putting together this article to help you make the right choice on the best school to attend. 

Overview of NewU University

NewU University is a nonprofit institution bringing together a diverse group of educators, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs with experience in Higher Education. They also include professionals in social entrepreneurship, and other industries into their league of educators. 

They are on a mission to help in their own might, solve some of the pressing challenges facing Higher Education. Mainly, to alleviate student debt burdens, improve graduation and job placement rates. Other solutions they will bring include catering for student wellbeing, reducing underemployment of graduates. Most of the academic curriculum and models used today are not helpful. So, NewU University will improve on both operating and academic models already in use today through their creativity and innovation. 

Is NewU University Legit? 

Yes, NewU University is a legitimate institution. On accreditation, NewU University is a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit degree-granting postsecondary educational institution. They are located at 1090 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20005. NewU University is also licensed to operate and issue Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees by the Washington DC Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC). What it means is that they are officially certified to operate as a University. They are striving to be a national leader in licensing, compliance monitoring, and enforcement and outreach. Also, they wish to ensure students are protected and approved postsecondary institutions provide quality education and training programs that are problem solving oriented. 

NewU believes in leadership by example and follows it through by launching many talks about change in Higher Education. However, their actual initiatives are being limited and far between what the founders have envisioned it to be. 

How to apply to NewU University

NewU has made the application process one of the fastest in the United States. The applicant needs to secure all the requirements and the application process will not take much time. 

  1. With any internet enabled device, visit the official NewU University admission portal and fill out the application form. This will not take much time. Also, they will require you to upload your documents like high school transcript, College or diploma transcripts and other academic documents. 
  2. After 24 hours, you will be notified by the institution whether you have been offered admission or not. 

GPA requirements for NewU University

The institution believes that students need to apply for College as fast as possible. What this means is that you need less documents compared to other colleges that need tens of documents. So, If you have a very low GPA, it does not matter since that is not the only true evidence of your academic prowess. 

Other documents like recommendation letter and standardized test scores are not required for admission at NewU University. Though they are good tests, the reality shows that even more Universities are no longer considering it as a requirement for College admission. Some made it an optional requirement and only accepted it for ceremonial purposes and not a determinant for admission. 

NewU University Refer and earn program 

Refer and earn program is an initiative to help students of the university earn $5,000 by referring their friend to the school. 

  • How it works 

You will earn about $500 for each person you refer to the university. However, the person needs to enroll before you can qualify for the earning. 

The best part of this program is that you are free to refer as many people as you can. They only need to become registered students of NewU University before you can get paid for it. 

Note: This program will not pay you in cash rather it will be added as a credit to your tuition fee. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is NewU University known for? 

The institution is the first University in the United States to introduce a 3 year bachelor program. What it means is that you only need three years to complete your bachelor degree instead of four years. 

What is NewU University fees? 

$21,750 is the tuition fee for the 2023/2024 Academic Session. However, other fees may apply after payment of these tuition fees. 

Is NewU University an online Legit school

They do not offer online classes. NewU University classes are held physically at the university campus. Students can apply for admission online but they have to be physically in the school for their classes. 

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