Is University Research Partners Legit | Real or a Scam? 

Is University Research Partners Legit? University Research Partners work to make sure students admission, and general need, has data representation. They seek information from students of different schools and this information is what they use to help Colleges and universities to prosper. 

Mostly, students who have submitted their email or phone number with a scholarship website will receive calls and email from University Research Partners with questions. Some people panic and feel their information has been jeopardized but it was all these scholarship platforms that released their information to research organizations like University Research Partners. 

Overview of University Research Partners

The organization is tailored to make their partners make informed decisions about the type of students to enroll and how to make the students comfortable. This is done by data-driven solutions they offer to over 2,500 schools. Institutions in the United States are now looking up to University Research Partners when making changes that will affect students. 

University Research Partners has been in operation since 2014 and have been offering quality service to schools. The student on the other hand will witness a massive change on how colleges position financial aid programs and scholarships. 

Is University Research Partners Legit

Yes, University Research Partners is a real research organization that works to improve the way students apply for scholarships and the type of scholarship they can apply for. Also, this organization has been helping institutions make informed and data-driven decisions on their mode of operation. Most students become confused about this organization because of their calls to scholarship seekers. University Research Partners  only ask questions and do not demand money from these students. The information they get from these series of surveys will be the main determinant of how over 2,500 schools operate. They reshape institutions with data obtained directly from students on the issues they are facing in finding funds to continue their academics and challenges they encounter trying to apply for scholarships. 

Do University Research Partners collect money from students? 

Most of the calls can be regarded as cold calls, which is also spam. However, they do not ask students and scholarship seekers to send them money. What they ask is more about the warfare of the students and the kind of scholarships they would want to apply for. 

How to utilize University Research Partners

They are very helpful if you can pay attention to their points with interest. Some of the things they do may not be very beneficial to you but information they get from the interaction will go a long way in shaping higher institutions. 

1. Answer their questions 

Don’t be very fast to drop the call on them. What to hear them out and supply information that will not jeopardize you. These may be the type of scholarship you want and the things you expect from schools you have been applying for. 

2. Don’t hide common information 

People ask if University Research Partners is Legit because of the many questions they ask. This is a good question but the fear is mainly because the students did not submit their contact to be called by University Research Partners. That being said, if you are on a call with them, try to reply to the questions and surveys that won’t leak your personal details. The data from these efforts will reshape how scholarship organizations arrange offers and the best kind of students to target. 

3. Partnering with them 

The news that University Research Partners is working with about 2,500 schools should tell you that many individuals trust their service. Maybe as a school or scholarship organization. You can benefit from the data they drive from all the research they engage in. Also, the platform will show you what students look out for when applying for College and their main financial needs. 

How to be save applying for scholarships 

Students need to be extremely careful of the website where they supply their personal information. Some of them are covertly scammers looking for a desperate student to defraud. Some may not scam you but will sell your information to their partners who then use this information the way they pleases. 

1. Verify scholarship website 

Don’t just fill online forms because they are offering what you want. Carefully examine the website to see some visible signal they are fraud. 

2. Check application process 

Every scholarship has a defined process students must follow while applying for an offer. Seek to know that the process is Legit and follow common practices. 


Candidates seeking for scholarship or financial aid must know that University Research Partners is Legit. They do not offer scholarships to students but are interested in helping schools with updated data on what students want. They get this information by cold-calling scholarship seekers and asking them survey questions. 

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