Is Scholarship for Moms Legit | Real or a Scam? 

Is Scholarship for Moms Legit? Scholarship for Moms, just like many others, promise to connect its members with scholarships and opportunities to further their career. The amount members hope to win in this scholarship platform is in the thousands of dollars.

The amount is huge and enticing but are they real? Will mom’s truly win scholarship awards for being members of These and many other questions will be answered in this article. This review will dig out all the facts you need to know about this scholarship platform before putting in your time on it. However, we need to learn what this platform is all about and how they operate. 

Overview of Scholarship for Moms ( 

Scholarship for Moms is an online platform that promises to offer scholarships to students in colleges or those preparing to enter College. They claim to have given out about $1 million in scholarship money so far. Unlike other scholarship platforms, is made for Moms who wish to continue their career in any field. This is how they operate and will continue like this since there is no information on whether they will begin accepting help from people who are not moms. 

Candidates who are looking for scholarships through the Scholarship for Moms platform have to first register. After that, they wait for a scholarship opportunity from any of the organization’s partners. This can linger for months, and candidates will begin to wonder if scholarships4moms is actually real or fake. Well, we will find out if they are scam or legitimate scholarship platforms. 

Is Scholarship for Moms Legit

Yes, the Scholarship for Moms (scholarships4moms) is a legitimate platform for Moms who still want to continue their higher education to find scholarships. This platform is made for mostly mothers who are already enrolled in an accreditation College in the United States or preparing to enroll. 

The organization does not offer scholarships to moms, but they connect the users with partners that will offer them scholarships. 

They function like a sweepstake where members’ names and details will be drawn randomly. The names that are picked will be offered scholarships. So, they only require candidates to fill up the online application with their names, education plans, career path, and how they will utilize the scholarship when they eventually win. 

Is Scholarship for Moms free? 

They don’t charge money for using the platform. However there are some practices they engage in which look suspicious. While registering, they will require you to submit all your information. This information is needed by the scholarship partners, and these partners can’t be held responsible for what they do with this information. Whether they sell it to people who are in the internet market is not yet real. Also, scholarships4moms can also sell these details to third party platforms who will now use it to spam the owners. 

Scholarship for Moms requirements 

The main information they need is basically your personal information like name, email address, College you are planning to enroll in. There may be more questions on what you will do with the scholarship fund. 

scholarships4moms is mainly for mothers, so candidates who do not fall in this category will not be attended to. In fact, they emphatically stated on their website that this—is made for Moms and not random people who want scholarship. 

Another requirement is patience. They receive thousands of applications for this scholarship opening and only one person may be selected. So, If you are applying for this offer, be prepared to wait without being picked. 

Ways to know real and fake scholarship platform 

There are thousands of platforms promising to connect members with scholarships. Some even hold physical fairs to convince people to join their platform. 

1. Accreditations 

Check if the scholarship is accredited to a known government body or licensing agency. This is a very important way of knowing whether you are wasting your time or not. 

2. Official website 

Visit the scholarship official website to know if they have complete information on the site. Normally, they should have the application process and way to communicate with them. 

3. Application requirements 

Check out the requirements for that particular scholarship to know if it’s something you can meet up. Most real scholarships provide candidates with information on what they need in order to win the scholarship. 

4. Testimonies 

Look for people who have applied for that same scholarship and read what they have to say about the platform. Though there are fake reviews by the same fake scholarship organizations, you will still find real ones if you dig deeper. 

5. Community 

Some scholarships have a very robust community for students who are applying, or those who are beneficiaries of the scholarship. 


The question “Is Scholarship for Moms Legit” has been answered, and we were able to point out that the platform is real. However, they don’t give out scholarships by themselves but partners so be careful the type of information you drop for scholarship applications.

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