Is JPTS University Real or Fake? Is it a legit school or a scam? So many questions have been coming in concerning the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) university. Some are yet to find out if the educational institution actually exists or not. I know that even after hearing about the university, you still want to know if it actually exists or not.

This could have been caused by the fact that the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) institute was established a few years back. So, it’s yet to gain popularity.

So, what is JPTS university all about and is it legit? Is is accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC)? Let us go straight to this.

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What is JPTS University All About?

Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) is an international private university which offers diverse Msc and Bsc courses at affordable fees. In other words, it is an international institute which operates like other regular universities in Nigeria under the accreditation and watch of the National Universities Commission (NUC).

The institute also operates both online and offline. Online courses are made free for participants while offline courses entails locating any JPTS university branch near you and enrolling for any course of your choice.

JPTS university does not make use of JAMB but their certificates are as authentic as other certificates gotten from other universities in the country and can be used to work in any sector.

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Is JPTS university Real or Fake?

Yes, the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) university is real. All its activities are legit and backed up by the law. According to the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) social media handle, the institute is accredited the National Universities Commission (NUC) and all approval documents are available online.

For a university to be legally instituted, it must be approved by the NUC, all necessary documents with regards to the accreditation must be made accessible to the public, the registration number should also be made accessible and all the university’s activities must be transparent. JPTS school, having met all necessary requirements, has been approved by the NUC.

To further clear the doubts surrounding the authenticity of Global Wealth University, let us talk about the location.

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Where is JPTS University Located?

The JPTS University Headquarters is located in National Identity Management Commission, Asa-Dam Rd, 240281, Ilorin, Kwara. The university also has about 30 other accredited branches across the country. Find out all JPTS learning centers here.

While the university plans to spread to other different parts of the world, it is located in some African countries and some parts of Europe.


Schoolisle is dedicated to answering all questions regarding the Global Wealth University (also known as JPTS university). So, if you have any question concerning the institute, do well search this blog or drop a comment below or you can check more about JPTS Institute.


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