JPTS Students Portal Login | Exam Link, Recover Password

JPTS students portal

Are you looking for the JPTS students portal or are you looking for the examination links or did you forget your password such that you can no longer sign in to your JPTS account. Here is a full guide to help you do everything.

School isle is dedicated to providing you all information regarding the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) University including all their courses and duration, school fees, cut of mark and so on. Therefore, if you have more questions about JPTS university, check out all JPTS articles here.

The Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS University) and the Global Wealth University refer to the same institution. Therefore, we may be using both terms in the course of this article.


JPTS Students Portal Login

You can sign in to JPTS school portal as a student, lecturer or as an affiliate. To login, follow these steps:

  • Visit the JPTS university official sign in link
  • Choose your option either as a student, lecturer or affiliate
  • Enter your ID and password
  • Click the login button to access your account. Check the image below.
JPTS students portal
JPTS login page

Recover JPTS portal Password

If you are unable to access your JPTS account as a student, lecturer or admin, here is how to retrieve your sign in details. Note that you need your username (ID) to recover it. So, if you cannot remember your ID, it is recommended that you proceed to the JPTS ICT center to rectify the issue.

  • Firstly, click on the “Forgot password” link
  • Choose your category either as a student, lecturer or admin
  • Enter your username (ID)
  • The click on “OK” to proceed
  • A password recovery link will be sent to your registered email (That is the email you used to apply for JPTS). Proceed to your mail box and use the link to recover your password. Check the image below
jpts password
Recover JPTS password

JPTS Entrance examination Link

The JPTS entrance exam can be written online and it is open to 100 level students. Please note that the online JPTS examination is to enable the students prepare ahead of their admissions into the university. You can apply for JPTS university admission now and start your academic journey immediately.

You can maximize the the opportunity to enroll into those online free courses and also take free exams.

See more about JPTS entrance examination.

To start your free online courses and examination, visit the examination portal to register.

I hope this article was helpful. If there is any other thing you would like me to show you about JPTS portal, do well to drop a reply in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “JPTS Students Portal Login | Exam Link, Recover Password”

  1. I have been trying to reset my password and each time the site keeps telling me that an email has been sent to my account but I haven’t seen anything at all

    1. First, ensure you’re using the correct and active email address. So, cross check the details you used.

      Secondly, you can proceed to the school ICT to resolve your issue.

  2. I have been trying to enroll for exam my portal doesn’t work well, when I enroll It will reffer me to I put my user name and password, when I Iinput it will display that user name and password is not register on this site. I have try all the medium to rest using my email no way .
    Please I need assistance

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