Apply/Write JPTS University Entrance Exam 2024: Admission Portal

See all you need to know about JPTS Entrance Examination 2024/2025. Admissions in to the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) University for 2024 is now open to all eligible persons. Therefore, all interested candidates are expected to submit their online application forms before the deadline.

The Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) university is an online private institution which offers different courses just like other regular universities. This simply means that the academic qualifications which one gets from the JPTS University is the same as the ones which can be gotten in other public and private universities. For this reason, JPTS university degree certificate can also be used for the same purpose which other universities in Nigeria can be used for.


However, before you are admitted into the JPTS University, you must have written the JPTS entrance exam.

In this article, I will show you how to apply for the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) university admissions including the how to write the JPTS entrance exam, examination portal, registration, date and fees.


To everyone interested in the 2024/2025 admission into jpts institute, please read the simple process you need to follow for me to help you get admission smoothly below:

Revised steps to admission into jpts institute!

Read the process below very well and ensure you understand before taking action

Terms and conditions

1. After payment of the admission processing fee, a candidate must write his or her entrance exam within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of N5,000 admission processing fee!

2. After a candidate receives their admission letter, they will share their testimony of their experience with coach John Efetobor regarding the letter of admission on our telegram platform to encourage others to have trust and confidence in the process, in coach john Efetobor and jpts institute!

If you don’t share your testimony, coach john efetobor will not give you your login id/username and the comprehensive instructions that will help you perfect your registration and clearance at your study centre!

3. Coach john Efetobor is responsible to helping you secure a valid admission letter into jpts institute and helping you set up a students login id/username to the students portal of jpts institute.

Every other responsibility, candidates/students should take it up with the school or their coordinator.


5 Steps to Register and Write JPTS Entrance Examination and Gain Admission 2024



For BSC candidates, ensure you  have 5 credits including English Language and mathematics plus 3 credits in subjects related to the course you want to study.

For MSC students, ensure you have your first degree as that validates your application. However, you will still write the basic entrance exam as a BSC candidate.


The JPTS University cost for processing an admission is 5,000. So, candidates are advised to pay admission processing fees of N5,000 to the account of the admission processing agent (Coach John Efetobor). Pay into the following account details:

  • Account number: 0148669513
  • Bank name: GTB

Please, make sure you you cross check the details before you click the send button to ensure all details are correct.

STEP 3: 

After the payment, fill the JPTS online form following the link below:

Ensure to use an active email address because you will receive your admission letter through the email.

Then, call Coach John Efetobor using the following phone number: 08187566370


Coach John Efetobor confirms your payment and sends the JPTS examination portal link for you to write the entrance exam.

The link contains the examination instructions. The JPTS University entrance exam contains 20 questions comprising of elementary mathematics and general questions.


Wait for your admission notification from the Joint Professional Training and Support University. It takes 24 to 72 to process your scholarship admission letter through the email you used during registration.

JPTS Examination Opening/Closing Date

Please note that JPTS University admission is always open and so is the examination. Therefore, anyone who wishes to study at JPTS University can register and write his/her exams at anytime within the year. (This information is subject to change)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JPTS University Real or fake?

Yes, the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) is real and had offered admissions and free scholarships to candidates who fulfilled the eligibility requirements. The first step is to check their requirements and submit an application before the deadline.

How long does it take for JPTS to offer admission?

JPTS university admission takes 72 hours to process.

JPTS University Portal

Click on to access the Joint Professional Training and Support (JPTS) official website.

JPTS Registration Portal

To start your JPTS University registration, click on

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  1. Does JPTS have study centers in Lagos?
    And for the nursing courses, do they use study centers in Nigeria or is it online only?

    1. JPTS have several learning centres in Lagos. All you need is to join anyone convenient for you.

      Nursing as a course is also studied offline at JPTS University. It is not only based online.

    1. Usually, JPTS entrance examinations holds on August/September each year.

      Hopefully, the 2023 entrance examinations would hold within same period.

  2. Bello Tunde Idris

    Can I secure government appointment with JPTS certificate?

    Can I also further my education to masters level with JPTS certificate?

  3. How many questions per subject would be ask during the exam .nd how many subject is necessary to write?.

  4. I registered for jpts exams on Saturday 25th of this month March but I haven’t received any notification or confirmation yet so as to write the exams,how long does it take to get confirmed for the exams

  5. I registered for jpts exam about four days ago but they haven’t gotten back to me via email as expected so I can write the exam, please how long does it take

  6. Iam wantto learn studying in the USA because girl not allowed study in afghanistan and the taliban dont let us go to university

  7. Chizea Emmanuel Chibuzor

    Please sir,I was given the link to write the entrance exam but I used two weeks to write because I wasn’t prepared.Can I be given admission sir?

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