Is Blackmore University Real | Legit or Scam?

Is Blackmore University Real? The tradition of using fake and real schools for movies is now trending. Well, it has been like this before because most notable schools will not allow a movie project to paint them in an ugly way. So, most movie directors will have to create a fictional school from scratch. 

Why has this school become so popular that people think about them? If a strange thing happened in a school people will try to find out where that school is located and probably go for fact finding. However, it’s the desperation to see if a particular school has a monster or a magic room. Even magical plants that are mentioned in movies become so popular that people browse to see where to find such plants. Blackmore University Real now popular but is it real? Well, let’s find out. 

What you should know about Blackmore University

Blackmore University is a fictional school that was created for the Scream 6 movie. The name is fictional and the environment in that movie was mostly from McGill University in Canada. So, the directors had to make this University for the character Tara Carpenter. 

The university was carefully created to look like a real one, which is what most movie producers do. The audience, however, were very inquisitive to know where this Blackmore University is located. Some even go as far as visiting cities mentioned in the movie just to have a firsthand experience of a movie. 

Is Blackmore University Real

No, Blackmore University is a fictional institution created for the Scream 6 movie. The school does not exist anywhere in the world or does it have any real Alumni. Everything about it is fake and the characters that studied there are equally fake. 

This fake University is mostly used when an ugly story is being told about an institution. We all know that if a real school name is used for a movie like Scream 6, no one will ever go near such a school again. So, the producers create a fictional school that will have every characteristic of a real University. The thing about this—is that we are always interested in learning more about strange things. If Blackmore University existed in real life, people around the world would be traveling to see it. The curiosity is something very movie makers use to create a good show. If after watching a movie like Scream 6 and no one was searching online to know whether the school existed or not then the mission of that movie setting has failed. Having taken note of that, let’s see if there really was a serial killer in Blackmore University. 

Was there a serial killer in Blackmore University?

First, the school is fake and nothing like a slasher with a ghost face that goes about killing people. These things were created to entertain movie lovers and create the curiosity in them that something like this existed. 

How to find out fake movie University 

Not all the university settings used to shoot a movie or TV series are fake, some are real places and real institutions. However, the fake ones are always painted to look like it was real. Most notable movie has one University that people still search online to know where it is located. So, to avoid being curious and search for a fictional school, here are ways to know that a school was not real. 

1. No real address 

There could be fake addresses used in the movie to paint things and make it look like a real institution but if these addresses do not work in Google maps then it’s fake. Apart from Google map, there are address finder websites that can help you locate a place. 

2. School with no real Alumni 

Every school on earth has someone that has studied there or is still studying there. If you search the Alumni of a movie University and find none then it’s possible no one has been to such school. One thing is that some movies now create fake Alumni with fake names. 

3. An ugly event took place in the university 

There’s literally no real institution that will allow the facility and name to be used in representation of an ugly event. What happens in movies is not easily forgotten. Real schools are always used in movies and TV series that will paint them in a good picture. 


No need asking if Blackmore University is Real or not because no real University can be used to represent what happened in scream 6. Blackmore University is not just a fictional school the students are always TV characters and no one truly studied there or was killed there. 

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