Is Hudson University Real | Legit or Scam?

Is Hudson University Real? This institution is very popular but does it have any known location, students, professor or lecturers? This has really been a question by many people who have been hearing the name “Hudson University” on different TV shows. 

There are many schools and institutions that only exist inside a particular movie or TV show. These schools have addresses in those TV shows and even have governors visit the school just for the purpose of the show. The thing is that we humans are very good at creating things in our minds through writing and plays, then later wish those things actually existed. The alien shows we watch have placed it on the mind of some people that aliens do exist; but why shouldn’t they believe that when they read about it everyday and watch them on TV shows and movies.

The question that keeps ringing is “do these movie characters and places exist in real life”? Well, some exist why many do not. What about Hudson University, does it exist? This particular one is what we will tackle in this article, but let’s firstly, learn about Hudson University. 

What you must know about Hudson University

Hudson University is a popular name of school you will hear in plays and TV shows. It is a school that people like Angela Savvas (SVU: “Mercy”), Ellen Swanson (SVU: “Mercy”), Kathleen Stabler, Maureen Stabler (SVU: “Grief”), Richard Stabler, Elizabeth Stabler, Ken Randall, Vicki Sayers, Donovan Alvarez (SVU: “Grief”), Evie Barnes (expelled), Vanessa Bevins (deceased) (SVU: “Grief”), James Reed (SVU: “Abomination”), Heather Manning, Robert Logan (Institutionalized), Joseph Eglee (deceased) and many other characters attended. 

Hudson University is a fictional institution located in New York city that appears mostly in the law and order franchise. The school has a medical school, research lab, library, non medical school, law school, emergency room, army cadet program and many more. What this means is that the school was complete whenever it appears on any TV show. It also has a president, professor and other staff. Do these things make Hudson University a real University? Let us find the answer now!

Is Hudson University Real?

No, Hudson University is not a real University. It does not exist in real life but only in movies and TV shows. Movie producers do not want to use a real school name for some movie projects. We know some schools in movies are portrayed in a very ugly way, so they develop a fictional character and fictional school for such a project. 

There are many fictional schools in movies, but why does it look like Hudson University is real? This is because the name Hudson belongs to Henry Hudson, a 17th century navigator who came from England to explore parts of America. He was hunting for northeast passage to India when he came upon water flowing from north to south, (this place is today known as Hudson river). However, the name Hudson University first became popular when it was mentioned in a TV series, law and order. After that, another spinoff of this series continued to mention the school, Hudson University. 

The school confuses people because of how popular it has become, even though people haven’t seen anyone attend such school. This is one major influence of good TV series. It creates an imagination in the mind of the audience that something that never existed was true. 

How to identify fake University 

The name of a school can start trending after a TV show that mentioned the name of a school. The trend will continue to extend and people will become very inquisitive of knowing where this particular school is located. They will go on an adventure just to locate this school. So, here are some Tips on how to identify a fictional school. 

1. No Real Google map

Schools all-over the world have good map coordination. A fictional school cannot have a place on Google map because it doesn’t exist in real life. 

2. No Known Alumni 

Can all the Alumni of a school be a mystery? That’s not possible, so if there are no Alumni of a school then it’s probably a fake University. 

3. Too good to be true story 

TV shows tell funny and unrealistic stories about a school. They can paint it as a magic school of great power. The truth is that no school in real life has magic or any sort of extraordinary powers. These pictures are painted for entertainment purposes. 


If you are still wondering where Hudson University is located, I have to break the news to you that Hudson University is not Real. There are many Universities in the United States and there have never been one with the name “Hudson University”. 

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