Is Build Your Empire University Legit | Real or a Scam? 

Is Build Your Empire University Legit? Truly, the internet is growing every day and many businesses are springing up. Some of them target the older generation and the majority targets youths and middle aged people who are looking for a second income stream. The tactics are even getting more interesting as one online business platform is trying very hard to outdo the other. 

However, the main concern for me is the safety of those who are looking for online business to join. Economy of the world is changing and the internet is looking like a platform that could give answers to financial issues people are facing. There has been a rise in the number of internet marketers looking for ways to convince people that they can save them from their current poverty state. Some even look for the rich and start to convince them on how they could make them even richer. Build Your Empire University is one of these internet platforms. They have lots of promises, how to build wealth with just one dollar. But are they real? Well, this is one of the many questions we are going to help you answer in this article. 

Overview of Build Your Empire University

Build Your Empire University claims that 30 days is enough for you to start a new business on the internet. They have a strategy, which is the main thing they are going to teach you to follow and start making money online. In detail, Build Your Empire University is an online education platform with a membership fee of $99 but here’s the good thing about them, you can start with just $1 and try the system for seven days. 

The one dollar package comprises everything you need to know about building a successful online business. They do offer weekly coaching to make sure students of the university are still on track performing very well. 

Is Build Your Empire University Legit? 

Yes, Build Your Empire University is a legitimate online business that teaches their students how to start an online business. They have a very clear guide on how things work. 

Here is a simple way the platform is going to teach you what you need to know:

  • Introduction: intro to the course what it’s all about. 
  • Discovery Process: how to discover a product that can make sales for you. 
  • Business Launch Blueprint: the perfect blueprint on how to launch a successful business 
  • Coaching Call: call between you and Build Your Empire University to show you more ways to make money in this online business. 
  • Mindset: reconfiguration of your mindset is a big work. This part is for that work because you may not succeed in this business without a new mindset towards opportunities. 
  • Making Your First Sales: how to begin your online business and make your first sale. 
  • Paid Advertising: paid advertising is what pushes your business beyond boundaries. 
  • Copywriting: learn how to write irresistible copies for promotion and also for others 
  • Money Resourcefulness: how to manage money and make more out of that little money you gave with you. 
  • 30 Day Sprint Training: becoming financially free is possible in 30 days with Build Your Empire University 30 days sprint. 
  • Social Media: how to use social media for your own advantage. How doubling your sales is possible through popular social media channels. 
  • Affiliate Program: introduction to the affiliate program. 

The first cost to subscribe to this platform is $1 and after 7 days, you begin to pay $99. What about a refund? Yes, they will refund your money when you don’t like the program. The $1 first payment is also eligible for refund when you feel the platform is not for you. However, when you have made payment of $99, you are eligible for a refund for the first seven days. After that, no more refund. 

Build Your Empire University Red flags 

There are some things I didn’t feel comfortable with while using BYE University. The first is that most students don’t have enough success stories about this program. The second is monthly payment. Like, how can I keep paying for the training and coaching every month? Should There be time I will be free and perform the business on my own?, thirdly, no clear information on the cost of running this business aside from the usual $99 monthly training fee. So, someone who doesn’t have another budget for the operation cost will be stuck thinking they only need to pay for the training alone. 


Still not yet convinced that Build Your Empire University is Legit? Well, that depends on you as we have done our best by outlining how the platform operates and the cost of joining. They do have good reviews and surely, they won’t scam you of your money, but be ready to follow all their guidance if you want to make money. 

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