Is Earnest Scholarship Legit | Real or a Scam? 

Is Earnest Scholarship Legit? If you are still asking this question then it means you are not yet sure about this organization. But I will tell you today that you are not alone. Many students who are looking for financial assistance are also asking if Earnest Scholarship Legit or another fake scholarships scheme. 

One thing that worries students most is wasting their money in bogus scholarships that will turn out to be the worst experience in their career pursuit. Most times, these fake scholarship organizations are very clever to mask themselves in a way to look legitimate. However, scholarship review blog like this one will surely sniff them out. So, If you want to know whether Earnest Scholarship is Legit or not, keep reading this article as I dive into this organization and how they function. 

What is Earnest Scholarship About

Earnest Scholarship is a San Francisco based organization that offers scholarship and other financial assistance to students. They give out loans and offer advice to students on how to best fund their academic pursuit without having too many loans to repay after school. 

Many students quit school because they can’t pay school fees, some don’t even try College at all because of unaffordable school fees. Some gets involved in part-time job to meet up with school financial needs, some have to get student loan that will eventually take ages to pay back. These are some of the problems Earnest Scholarship is claiming to help students solve. With their scholarship offers, they will cover students’ tuition and other fees. The loan they offer is as well made to lift the burden of money out of students sholders so they can focus on their academics alone. 

However, these are just what they claim to do. The big question is still, Is Earnest Scholarship Legit or are their promises fake? Let’s find out below. 

Is Earnest Scholarship Legit? 

Yes, earnest Scholarship is a real scholarship organization that offers loans, financial advice and scholarship awards to students. They are registered in America with the details: Earnest Operations LLCN MLS #1204917. Earnest Scholarship is equally licensed to operate in all the states of the U.S. 

With that being stated, Earnest Scholarship has offered scholarships to about 185 students in the United States. This offer is totalling about $875,000 since 2019. Also, their scholarships take students to the best United States Universities

Earnest Scholarship Eligibility 

Since we have confirmed that the Earnest Scholarship is real, how do you benefit from this opportunity? So, you need to meet up with all the requirements needed to apply for offers like this. 

Here are some of the requirements for Earnest Scholarship 2023 and 2024:

  • This offer is currently available to candidates who are studying in or about to start studying in an accredited United States University. This offer is equally available to undergraduate and postgraduate students from eligible schools. 
  • Students who can participate in this scholarship draw must be from any school in the United States. International students are not yet eligible. Illegal residence or migrants without green card are not eligible for this scholarship. 
  • Those applying for this scholarship must be upto 17 years of age and above. 
  • Candidates with low GPA have no reason to worry as there are not such requirements to apply for this offer. This is because it is like a “Sweepstakes”. They put all the applicants on a platform and the lucky ones will be awarded a scholarship. 

Value of Earnest Scholarship

The value of Earnest Scholarship is about $250,000 to ten successful applicants. They are free to spend this prize on their academic tuition, textbooks, laptops and other expenses. 

Winners of these scholarships may not need to borrow loans for their academics again as it is capable of covering all your financial needs as a student. 

How to apply for Earnest Scholarship

Applicants have to visit the scholarship official website, which is to learn more about the organization. Next step is to fill the application form on Earnest Scholarship portal. Add all the details they request, and these information must be real. Also, identify if you are applying as a student, guardian or parent. 

Final point on whether Earnest Scholarship is Legit

Earnest Scholarship has an official website which clearly lists all their details. Their accreditation is public with States in the U.S they operate in and license details. So, available information shows Earnest Scholarship is real and students can try out by entering the scholarship draw

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