Is Sallie Mae Scholarship Legit? | Real or a Scam? 

Is Sallie Mae Scholarship Legit or fake? Based on their website claims, they are there to help students complete higher education with scholarships. This is coming from their belief that advanced learning should be made accessible to anyone. 

The above shows Sallie Mae is another organization with the promise of helping students finish their programs without debt or frustration. And this is a problem many students in high institutions are facing today. Some even run to the student loan which will get them trapped for many years before it could be repaid. So, what grabs the attention of students about Sallie Mae Scholarship is their promise to make things easy financially for them. Well, this is just a promise, and skeptical students need to be sure before wasting their time. 

Overview of Sallie Mae Scholarship

What truly is a Sallie Mae Scholarship? They claim to be a diverse group of financial experts, creative minds, innovators, tech gurus, and leaders working together to help people make great things possible.

The Sallie Mae Fund started operation on the charitable foundation in 2021. They launched scholarship programs to further promote diversity in higher education for under-resourced and underrepresented students. This offer is basically for those from historically underserved communities and anyone who needs it. Sallie Mae Scholarship is working with Thurgood Marshall College Fund to award $3 million in scholarships over the next three years to help students achieve their dream of a higher education. 

Is Sallie Mae Scholarship Legit

Yes, Sallie Mae Scholarship is Legit with many students to attest to how they were helped through their scholarship programs. This scholarship organization has more positive reviews across the web than most popular scholarship programs. They keep to their promise of helping students who are having issues with funding their higher studies. Currently, Sallie Mae has one of the most robust scholarship organizations that gives students access to a pool of available funding worth over $20 billion. This is spread across millions of scholarships. 

Another thing about Sallie Mae Scholarship you must know is that they have scholarships for Almost all types of students. This is no longer the time where athletic students and best students take it all. There is a scholarship available for everyone regardless of your grades and background. 

Type Of scholarship at Sallie Mae 

There are plenty of offers, which are made to cater for the needs of any student who needs financial aid. Also, scholarships are Updated immediately; most of the ones available hit the deadline for applications. This way, most students who are not aware of their program will still qualify for an award. And just like I have pointed out before, the value of these scholarships ranges from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. In fact, you can find scholarships that can comfortably cover your full tuition fee. It is also important to note that most of the scholarships available on the Sallie Mae Scholarship platform are from other sources. They find good offers suitable for students, and make the application process available to Sallie Mae users. 

1. Bridging the dream 

This is a scholarship offer that is worth about $25,000 for undergraduate students. It can easily be accessed using the Sallie Mae platform. Also, there is availability of a $20,000 worth scholarship offer for graduate students

2. National scholarship 

This offer is one of the most trending of them all. It is available only in November each year and it’s valued at $5,000. 

$2,000 Sallie Mae Scholarship

This offer is a monthly sweepstake available to students in the United States. It awards the winner with a sum of $2,000 to support their academic pursuit. 

This offer is available only once in a month and the draw takes place on the sponsor’s computer. 

Here is how to be eligible for $2,000 Sallie Mae Scholarship:

  • Available to a parent whose child is enrolled in an accredited University or college in the United States. 
  • Students who are enrolled in an accredited University or college in the United States can apply for this offer. 
  • Available to parents who have a child enrolled in any high school in the United States. However, the student must be in their senior years to qualify for this scholarship. 
  • A student who is in high school; whether junior or senior but has the intention of pursuing a degree in any U.S. University or college. 


If you have been asking if Sallie Mae Scholarship is Legit, I hope this article was able to clear doubts about this platform. They have all the signs of a legit scholarship, and above all, most of the scholarships in their platform are also available in other scholarship platforms. This shows they bring offers from different sources to help students who are still in their University, colleges and even high school

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