Is Middleton University Law School Real | Legit or a Scam? 

Is Middleton University Law School Real? The frequent use of fictional Universities in movies has made it difficult to know which one actually exists in real life. These schools are mostly painted in a way to entertain movie audiences. However, people who watch these movies are curious to know if the university they saw in the movie or TV show is real. 

One thing that drives people to know more about movies or TV shows universities is if the school played a major role in the show. If it’s just a school that is mentioned rarely, no one will care if it’s a real school or not. Cases where these schools are a strong foundation of the movie, people watching will always look them up on Google. Maybe they are real, maybe it’s another fictional movie institution. 

Additionally, what these movies depict will tell if the audience will be interested in knowing more about it or not. For instance, an institution that has magic condiments in its basement will attract a curious audience. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see a real magic room. 

What you need to know about Middleton University Law School

Middleton University Law School is a moving setting in the show “How to get away with murder”. In the movie, it existed around 1802 and Annalise Keating worked there as a law professor. It was like a real law school with David Dolan as former president, Soraya Hargrove as president, Christopher Castillo as Professor of Law, Annalise Keating as former professor of Law (late), Sam Keating as professor of Psychology (late), Barry Lewiston as member of the Board and Professor Cormicle. These are all characters, none of them is a real life person who works in an institution. What about Middleton University Law School? Is it real or also a fictional place? Well, in the next paragraph I will reveal to you what you must know about this institution. 

Is Middleton University Law School Real

No, Middleton University Law School is a fictional institution that is a location in the drama series “How to get away with murder“. In the series, it is located in Philadelphia and was founded in 1802. Annalise Keating was a law professor in the series and Keating 5 had to report for school. The institution is trending because of the role the professor and 5 students played in trying to solve the mystery, win a lawsuit but eventually become entangled in one. This is really a very interesting drama but our focus is on the school of law. Many people think Middleton University Law School is real and someone can apply for admission there and get admitted. I don’t blame them, the school part of the series was well done to resemble some capable of existing in reality. 

Can someone study law at Middleton University Law School? 

No. Middleton University Law School is a fictional institution that only existed in a TV drama series. It does not have a location or are their people who actually graduated from there. I know you will love to enroll into a school with lots of thrilling drama but this one is not real. 

Also, the drama series has ended and you will only hear about this school if there’s a spin-off that will include Middleton University Law School or you re-watch the series. 

How to know fake University Law School

The same method you can follow to detect other fake schools is the same way you can find out Middleton University Law School is fictional. 

Here are some tips on how to know a fake movie or TV series law school:

1. No Real Address 

Fictional locations and addresses in movies do not have a real address. They mainly use fake addresses so as not to confuse it with real addresses. Law school like the one in “How to get away with murder” is just there for entertainment and to make the show look real. 

2. No Real Alumni

Real institution must have an Alumni who can stand and say they graduated from this school. When you search Alumni of movie schools, you will find names of people that don’t exist. These names were simply made up to entertain people, nothing more. 

3. Unverifiable Activities 

We frequently watch TV series about a school where someone was murdered in the school environment. This clearly shows that such a school does not exist because no school owner will allow their institution to be used to portray an ugly act. Even in a history movie that depicts something that happened in real life, they won’t use a real school for the show. 


Middleton University Law School not a Real University but a drama series location in the series “How to get away with murder”. People who attended the school in the series are not real students but actors playing their part in production of the show. Even the stories were all made up to entertain the audience and not a real murder case. 

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