Northcliff High School Fees 2024/2025 – Full Guide

Northcliff High School Fees

This post is made to give detailed information about Northcliff High School. However, we will delve into Northcliff High School school fees for the year and provide insights into payment methods.

Let’s start with something called Quantile levels to help you comprehend the fees at Northcliff High School. It’s similar to how the government determines how much money (in South African Rands -ZAR) to give to public schools in order to provide free education. According to the South African Schools Act (SASA), all School Governing Bodies (SGBs) in public schools are required to supplement government financing by requesting parents to pay school fees and participating in other fundraising efforts. There are, however, some institutions known as ‘no fee schools’ that do not charge any tuition. Whether a school is considered a “no fee school” is determined by the economic well-being of the neighborhood surrounding the school.

How Much Is The Northcliff High School Fees for 2024/2025?

The fees per student is R3 995 per month for a period of ten months. Following acceptance, a payment of R4 000 is due within 30 days. R2 000 of the deposit will be applied to your next year’s school fees, with the remaining going towards the one-time development levy. These expenses would be borne by the parents. It is the responsibility of the parents to purchase their own books and/or iPads.

Please be informed that Northcliff High School is a Section 21 – Fees Collecting School under the SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOLS ACT, 1996 (ACT NO 84 OF 1996).

Northcliff High School is in which Quantile

The Northcliff High School is in Quantile 5 (Q5)

Is Northcliff High School a fee-free institution

No, Northcliff High School, as a public school, usually charge school fees from students. Although, the fees at public schools are generally more affordable than those at private schools, with the intention to make it accessible to  students and families who cannot afford to pay high as tuition fee and other school fees

Is Northcliff High School a public or private institution

Northcliff is a Public school which intends to bring education closer to people who cannot afford to pay the high cost of education like in many private schools noting the importance of education.

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