Is BJK (Bashar J. Katou) University Legit | Real or a Scam? 

Is BJK University Legit? The internet is a very large business platform that still needs a great mind to find out the best selling thing. There have been thousands of programs by internet entrepreneurs who claim to be the leaders of internet marketing. Some even host physical classes to teach people how to make money online

They promise to let you earn more than your boss, some even use this popular phrase “fire your boss”. They tell you stories from popular rich entrepreneurs and how they took risks that created wealth for them. Well, the motivation from these online marketers is heavy, but what about their promises? 

Do they truly show their members a business model that will make them $ millionaires in 180 days? Is what they preach true? 

These and many others are our concern today at BJK University. The owner, Bashar J. Katou created this online University to teach people the way of making money through Amazon FBA. So, we are going to review BJK University to know if they are legit or not. 

What is BJK (Bashar J. Katou) University all about? 

BJK University is an online school or should I say a community and course that teaches you how to build and grow an Amazon FBA business from beginning to expert level. They have many claims to what you can do as an internet entrepreneur who builds business on Amazon. The program was created by Bashar J Katou. He claims to have started his online business in 2015 but started teaching people about his business and internet experience on YouTube in 2017. According to him, this was how he founded the BJK University. 

On their website, they claim to be the leading online platform that teaches people how to sell on Amazon, which will not just be about some videos but continuous guidance on how to succeed. BJK University teaches how to a strong Amazon FBA business with focus on scaling with just one product. Well, this is different from what many marketers promise, which is how to scale using many products that drive sales. Isn’t that surprising? 

The website clearly stated that users will need $10,000 to begin the business. Yes, it’s not free. But will this money not go down the drain? Keep reading as we reveal if this business is Legit or another scam with the name BJK University

Is BJK University Legit

Yes, BJK University is Legit. Just like they promise they do deliver in providing their students with the needed information and guidance to succeed in Amazon FBA internet business. The owner, Bashar J. Katou is from Iraq. He migrated to Detroit in the United States around 2006. More on his story shows that he was a restaurant owner who lost everything in 2015. This was a trying time for Bashar J. Katou until he discovered Amazon FBA and started his YouTube in 2017, which now has thousands of subscribers. He started the BJK University in 2019 and has made a tremendous mark in the internet marketing business. 

How BJK University works 

The institution helps people who are ready to own their own business run a successful internet business with Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA is a business that lets people sell physical products online without needing to warehouse them or spend on shipping, moving, packing or processing. 

The work of Bashar J. Katou with BJK University is to help you start this business as a beginner, teach you how to set up your online space, how to market and to bring customers to buy from you. 

How to join 

The process of joining will start by you entering your details into one of his sales funnels. Marketers love this process because it gives them more leverage on how to sell courses. So, this funnel can be sent on YouTube or other platforms. They will then send you videos to train you on how the business works and from there, you will join the main BJK University. One major turn off about this online business University is that it’s not straightforward on how to register. Also, the cost of being a member is not very clear. 

Cost of joining BJK University

$3,800 will give you lifetime access to BJK University courses which includes Mindset, Tools, Strategies and Formulas, Finding Profitable Products, Negotiation and Supplier Management. How to do Purchasing, Shipping, Tariffs, Inventory Management, Branding, Private Labeling, UPC Codes, Amazon FBA Fees, Product Listings, Descriptions, Titles, Optimization, Prime Club. It also will include Organic Reviews and Negative Reviews

PPC Advertising, Sales Funnels, Incentives. 

However, there will be other fees you need to pay for your business to run well like logo, Amazon fees, advertising and many others. This is the reason I said that there is no fixed cost on how to join BJK University. 


Is BJK University Legit? We found out that they are not actually scams but real internet business Universities. They teach how to start and scale Amazon FBA business. How to find one good product and make a list of money selling it. The owner, Bashar J. Katou has a real story and can be accessed through these social media channels. 

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