Nigerian Army University Biu School Fees 2024/2025

Nigerian Army University Biu School Fees

Are you thinking about going to Nigerian Army University BIU (NAUB)?

If so, you’re probably wondering how much it costs.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the school fees for 2024 and how to pay them online.

The Nigerian Army University Biu offers various programs with corresponding school fees.

Fees are structured based on the chosen program, ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. T

hese fees cover tuition, accommodation, and other essential services.

Grab a chilled glass of water as I uncover everything about Nigerian Army University Biu School Fees.

Nigerian Army University Biu School Fees

Listed below is Nigerian Army University Biu School Fees and they include:

ICT Fees5,0005,000
Municipal Services5,0005,000
ID Card2,5002,500
NET Library2,5001,500
Faculty Charges2,0002,000
Verification of EQ3,0003,000
Registration Fees5,0005,000
Caution Deposit (RE.)2,0002,000
Orientation Fees2,0002,000
Laboratory Fees20,000
Field Trip5,0005,000
Medical Services3,0003,000
Hire of Gown for Matriculation
Endowment Fund

list of Courses Offered Nigerian Army University Biu

Listed below is. The Nigerian Army University Biu and they include;

1B.A. Arabic
2B.A. English
3B.A. History
4B.Sc. Accounting
5B.Sc. Economics
6B.Sc. Management
7B.Sc. Transport and Logistics Management
8B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies
9B.Sc. Geography
10B.Sc. International Relations
11B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
12B.Sc. Political Science
13B.Sc. Psychology
14B.Sc. Sociology
15B.Sc. Computer Science
16B.Sc. Cyber Security
17B.Sc. Information System
18B.Sc. Information Technology
19B.Sc. Software Engineering
20B.Tech. Civil Engineering
21B.Tech. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
22B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
23B.Tech. Building
24B.Tech. Environmental Management
25B.Tech. Estate Management
26B.Tech. Survey and Geo-Informatics
27B.Tech. Urban And Regional Planning
28B.Sc. Biology
29B.Sc. Chemistry
30B.Sc. Mathematics
31B.Sc. Physics

Is Nigeria Army University BIU a military school?

The Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB) gained approval from the Federal Executive Council on August 27, 2018, marking its establishment as a leading military university.

Its mission is to advance knowledge and foster research and development within the military sector.

What is the difference between NDA and NAUB?

The NDA primarily serves as a military training institution for Army, Navy, and Airforce officers, whereas 75% of NAUB’s student body consists of civilians pursuing accredited degree programs across six faculties recognized by the Nigeria Universities Commission, NUC.

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