List of Courses offered in EPU (Eastern Palm University Ogboko)

Eastern Palm University Courses: Eastern Palm University Ogboko, is a university that embodies academic excellence and a thirst for knowledge. This university, also known as EPU, was founded in 2016 by His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, former governor of Imo State, Nigeria.

The campus life at EPU is vibrant and diverse, with activities that cater to all students. From sports clubs to academic societies, there is never a dull moment on campus. The education system at EPU is designed to foster critical thinking and innovation, as students are encouraged to explore and challenge conventional thinking.

About Eastern Palm University Ogboko

The school slogan is “Education for Self-Reliance,” a message that resonates with the university’s mission to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to make a positive impact in society. There are currently five faculties at EPU, namely the faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Social and Management Sciences, Humanities, Law, and Health Sciences.

EPU is a single campus structure, located in Ogboko, a serene community in Ideato South Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. The school fees and other payment details are subject to change, but it is worth noting that EPU offers competitive rates compared to other universities in the region.

EPU offers a range of postgraduate and undergraduate programs, including Bachelor’s degrees, Masters, and Doctoral programs. Recently, EPU announced the launch of an Environmental and Community Health Program, aimed at arming students with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle public health issues in local communities.

EPU boasts an impressive line-up of alumni, holding prominent positions in various sectors of the economy, including politics, healthcare, and finance. With accomplishments ranging from winning international awards to breaking gender barriers, it is clear that an EPU education equips students with the tools needed to succeed in any field.

The Eastern Palm University Ogboko is a university that represents the spirit of excellence and innovation. With its dedication to education, community development, and research, EPU is sure to be a leader in shaping the future of Nigeria and beyond.

Eastern Palm University Ogboko (EPU) Admission requirements.

Eastern Palm University Ogboko (EPU) is a renowned tertiary institution that offers exceptional academic programs to students across Nigeria and beyond. At EPU, the admission procedure is a well-structured process that ensures only the best and most qualified candidates are admitted. Here are the admission requirements for EPU:

  1. JAMB Score: All candidates must have a minimum score of 160 in the UTME examination conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). 
  2. Post-UTME Examination: Candidates who have scored up to the minimum JAMB score will be invited to sit for the EPU post-UTME examination. They must score at least 50% to be considered for admission. 
  3. O’Level Results: Candidates must possess a minimum of five credit passes, including English Language and Mathematics, in not more than two sittings. 
  4. Age Limit: Candidates must be at least 16 years of age by the time of admission. 
  5. Physical Fitness: Candidates must be medically and physically fit. 
  6. Character Assessment: Candidates must have a good character as attested to by a referee from their previous school or a prominent member of their community. 

List of Courses offered in EPU (Eastern Palm University Ogboko) 

I have visited Eastern Palm University Ogboko (EPU) personally, and I can provide information on their courses and academic programs. 

Eastern Palm University Ogboko (EPU) is a state-owned university located in Imo State, Nigeria. The institution has repositioned academic standards through their innovative teaching and research activities. EPU aims to provide exceptional academic and research programs that will produce graduates who are globally competitive and relevant to society. 

Undergraduate courses offered at Eastern Palm University Ogboko (EPU) are listed below under each faculty: 


– B.Sc. Biology

– B.Sc. Computer Science

– B.Sc. Mathematics

– B.Sc. Microbiology

– B.Sc. Physics


– B.Sc. Accounting

– B.Sc. Business Administration

– B.Sc. Economics

– B.Sc. Mass Communication

– B.Sc. Political Science

– B.Sc. Banking and finance

– B.Sc. Marketing

-B.Sc.  History and international Studies


– B.Eng. Chemical Engineering

– B.Eng. Civil Engineering

– B.Eng. Electrical/Electronics Engineering

– B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

EPU also offers postgraduate programs such as Master of Science (M.Sc.) and postgraduate diploma (PGD) in various fields of study. 

Overall, Eastern Palm University Ogboko (EPU) has created an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that develops the intellectual abilities of students while preparing them for the workforce or further academic pursuits.


Eastern Palm University Ogboko (EPU) is dedicated to providing quality education to its students. The admission requirements ensure that only the best and most qualified candidates who meet the standards of EPU are admitted. Candidates are advised to contact the admission office for further inquiries on admission procedures.

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