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What is a good LSAT score? This question rings in the mind of a law school aspirant. They check their score and begin to contemplate if it’s a good score or they have to retake the LSAT test. Your score will mean many things, and retaking the test is one of them, but most heartbreak is not qualifying for scholarships. Most organizations that offer scholarships to law aspirants look at their Law School Admission Test scores. Those with better scores will have more opportunities compared to those with poor LSAT scores. 

Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is the main test needed to gain admission into a good law school. Some schools will demand that you score very high since they have too much competition for the law admission spot. In this case, students are left with asking What is a good Law School Admission Test score to increase my chances of admission? Well, the true answer to this question depends on many factors and the number one is the school you are applying for. Some top law schools, any LSAT score less than 160 is poor and won’t take you anywhere. That may sound harsh, but it’s the hard truth. Law is a precious career and many students are competing to study it in a top law school. 

What is LSAT score? 

Law School Admission Test score is the scale score of your total correct answers at the LSAT test. There are 100 questions in the test to answer all, but your total score will be converted to a scaled score and it ranges from 120 to 180. So, LSAC has a clear guidance on how to convert your score to the scaled score using this format. Another important keyword in LSAT score is the percentage aggregate. The score of a student is rated on how it performs against students who have taken this test over the past three years. If you have been able to convert your score to scaled-score then let’s learn what a good Law School Admission Test score is. 

What is a good LSAT score

A good LSAT score is between 160 to 170. This is because top 10 law schools will only consider students with about 170 Law School Admission Test score. Other top law schools will consider students with LSAT scores from 160 and above. So, what this means is that everything depends on the school you are applying to. Some will accept less than the good scores above but still depends on whether you like the school. 

Here is what top scores mean and what you should expect to achieve with each score level:

  • 170 and above LSAT score: 170, as I have stated above is a very good score and you have the edge to compete with other top scorers. This score will surely get you in front of many admission officials but will it give you straight admission? No. There are other parts of your application that must be in order for you to be admitted into a top law school. 
  • 160 and above LSAT score: Students with 160 score and above can rejoice that they have a good score because many top law schools will still consider you for admission. In fact, if you meet all the admission requirements and your other documents are excellent then you will surely have a better chance. 
  • 150 and above LSAT score: Students seeking admission into a good law school and they have this score should not despair. This is an average score and many good law schools will consider you for admission. Surely, you don’t have a chance in the top 10 law schools but many wonderful schools are there to give you a good learning experience. 

Will LSAT score affect scholarship opportunities? 

Yes, your Law School Admission Test score will affect your chances for scholarships. If you have found out what a good LSAT score is, you need to know how these scores will affect your chances of landing a good scholarship. There are already merit scholarships available for any student who scores above the 50 percentile. So, having a score of around 151 is not bad after all. Law schools mostly offer these scholarships because they want to remain as—that law school that accepts students with high LSAT scores. Even some schools offer $30,000 scholarships per year just to attract candidates with higher Law School Admission Test scores. 

Will LSAT score affect law school admission? 

Yes, LSAT is a big determinant of whether you will get admission into law school or not. In fact, law school aspirants worry about their LSAT score more than they worry about their GPA, but we will learn how they play a part in your law school admission. 

LSAT score makes more than 50% determination on whether you will be offered admission into a law school or not. Your GPA plays a vital role. Other requirements that may determine your admission includes a letter of recommendation, personal statement, Extracurricular activities, resume and your  fit for the law school. 


What a good LSAT score is depends on the law school you are applying to study in. Some will consider you if you can just score above the 50 percentile whole many will need you to get above 160. Just look for the school you wish to apply for and research their LSAT minimum requirements. 

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