How many times can you take the LSAT?

How many times can you take the LSAT? Candidates have the freedom of taking LSAT when they are ready, but can they just work into the center anytime they feel like taking the test? Well, if it is that easy, many candidates will not be worried about getting a good score in their first test sitting. 

When you sit for this test, your score is always transmitted to law universities, and definitely, you will prefer top law schools over lower ranked ones. The magic to-do-this isn’t actually by rewriting the test a million times. Your major concern should be to qualify for that school you have at mind. To meet their minimum LSAT score requirement. However, conditions do become unfavorable to students in some cases, and as we all know, exam anxiety can make people not pay optimal attention during the Exam. This is one reason students would want to retake the LSAT test. Now, check out some of the other major reasons students would want to take the LSAT test more than once. 

Reasons students take LSAT multiple times 

The main purpose of LSAT is to test if a candidate has the needed skills and knowledge to succeed as a first year student in a law school. Most students hoping to enter law school would think it is easy to pass this test and move on to the next level; especially if they had good grades in their college. They forget that LSAT is not all about your academic prowess but the skills you have that are important in learning to become a law practitioner. Students like the example painted above will be confused after facing the test for the first, and will now be humbled, looking for an opportunity to retake it. 

Here are some reasons students would want to take the LSAT test again:

1. Not happy with the LSAT score 

There are cases where students will take the test but get disappointed with their scores. Just like I said in the paragraph above, some students are yet to grasp what this test really needs from them. So, If they take the test and find out their performance is not actually according to how they see themselves. 

2. Bad test experience 

Tests can take place on our bad days. This has nothing to do with preparation but some unforeseen circumstances like having a fight before the test or your testing device misbehaving. These other experiences can make people consider retaking the LSAT. Top universities are interested in your high score and not stories of how you faced challenges on the test day. 

3. Lack of proper preparation 

A popular quote States that if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail. When it comes to exams, your first preparation is having to read and prepare for the test the proper way. LSAC, which is the body that conducts the LSAT, has a lot of preparation equipment to help you prepare very well for this test. 

How many times can you take the LSAT

Students can take the LSAT Five times in a year. You will take it five times in a year and seven times in a lifetime. 

Any particular time you take the test should count since there’s a limit to how many times you can take it. For instance, if there was anything that stopped you from performing excellently in the first time of taking this test, your best bet is to prepare for the second time. And also, Let every time you take LSAT count to you, don’t see it as a play because you will be surprised when you exceed the number of times you can take this test. 

Additionally, having many opportunities does not mean you will perform better than you have done in the previous one you have taken. Is that surprising? Well, that fact about standardized tests—and one reason students work very hard to reach their desired score in the first or the second time of taking LSAT. 

How many times can you fail LSAT? 

Is anyone praying to fail LSAT? The answer is No. Every student who sits for LSAT is hoping to pass with flying colors. The result however, does not always agree with their hopes. Someone must fail because law schools cannot accommodate thousands of students that sit for this test in a year. So, how many times can a student fail the LSAT? You can fail it for a maximum of five times. After this, you may consider looking for another career that is different from law. There are many other courses which will surely match with your long-term dreams apart from law. 


Have you now known How many times you can take the LSAT? If yes, then your next step should be to begin preparation as fast as possible. Don’t wait to fail your first attempt before realizing that this test is hardcore and your high school grades may not save you. The LSAT test is vital for anyone who will survive as a law student. So, prepare very well. 

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