The LSAT Trainer | Major Features and Contents

The LSAT trainer is not just any type of training booklet for students preparing for LSAT, it is a major requirement for success as it contains everything you need to pass the test. One major setback to students who sit for the LSAT test is lack of adequate preparation. Some students don’t know what to read and how to make themselves ready for a serious test like the Law School Admission Test. 

Additionally, some students read irrelevant books written by lecturers instead because they lack the understanding that LSAT is not all about how you can solve math. The test examines if a student has the intellectual capacity to handle the bulk of Courses they will take in the law school. The LSAT trainer, which has been a go-to preparation guide for law school aspirants, has everything covered. 

Major contents of The LSAT trainer

The book is a complete guide that even explains how to register for LSAT. Then other information like what to study, how to prepare yourself for such a test and many more… 

1. Introduction to The LSAT 

The first part of The LSAT trainer: The introduction of The LSAT trainer was focused on showing students how to register for the LSAT test, how LSAT is a more important standardized test than others like GMAT and SAT. The benefit of scoring high and getting admitted into a top law school, which will also affect the students career in practicing law. It equally has some starter logic reasoning test examples and how to understand logic reasoning. 

2. Introduction to logical reasoning 

The second part of The LSAT trainer is an introduction to the world of logic. How to understand logical questions and think in the same direction as the examiners. Students need to understand this part very well because logical reasoning questions are not easy to answer. Some of them will look easy but choosing an answer will be very difficult for an average student. This part will show you how to identify what matters in every question. 

3. The LSAT trainer introduction to logic games 

The section talks about logic games which is another difficult section of the LSAT test. Logic games are different from the games we play as this one has strange arbitrary rules. However, The LSAT trainer shows some of the examples and clues on how to solve the game. 

4. Reading comprehension 

Introduction to Reading comprehension is one part that students always think they understood because of their time in college. However, LSAT does not plan on making it easy like what you encounter in high school or college. This section on The LSAT trainer will show you how to understand and answer reading comprehension questions. 

5. Logical reasoning flaws 

The LSAT trainer has this section as the Law School Admission Test uses logical reasoning flaws to test students’ consistency in understanding logic. This part will help students have a better understanding of logical reasoning and how there can be flaws in some logic. 

6. The LSAT trainer sufficient assumption question 

Some statements do make sense but they are incomplete, so this part will teach students how to identify the insufficient part of the questions and what should be added to make it complete. 

7. LSAT vocabulary 

This LSAT trainer book will show students types of vocabularies that frequently appear in the test. As we all know, law involves strong grammar and phrases, and if you don’t understand these words, passing tests like this will be a big challenge. 

8. Reading comprehension review 

The last part of the LSAT trainer is on reading comprehension. This section will review all aspects of reading comprehension and ensure students understand sentences with much clarity. 

Other features of the LSAT trainer 

These are some of other features the book has that will be essential to students preparing for the LSAT test. 

  • Clear instructions: the book has a clear and simple way of making students understand everything it has to teach about LSAT. Some words should have needed days to comprehend but this trainer book will make it very easy. 
  • Effective strategy: there’s nothing more frustrating than learning poor strategy for a hard test like LSAT. These effective strategies on the LSAT trainer have been helping many students navigate through difficult questions. 
  • Authentic drills: the book has many more drills to help students understand every bit of every aspect of LSAT questions. Some of the drills are even more difficult than the actual LSAT test. 
  • Problem examples: This is an important part of every trainer book as it helps students see types of problems they will face in the test. Solving these problems should be seen as solving actual LSAT questions since they are almost the same. 
  • Additionally resources: there are logic games in the book for better understanding of logical reasoning and games. There are also diagrams to help with your preparation. 


The LSAT trainer is a powerful book that everyone preparing for the LSAT must have. It is not going to be a magic wand but the content will give you the needed confidence in answering any questions and scoring high for the test. 

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