So many persons still ask Is GCE Harder Than WAEC and Which one is Easier? They are yet to understand the difference between the two examination bodies.

WAEC and WASSCE are the same thing. So, in this article, I will be using both terms interchangeably.

Some also give their opinions based on what they have heard or experienced. Some also give opinions based on what they think. In this article, I will show you the basic things you need to know about the two examination bodies (GCE and WASSCE).

Before then, note that the primary aim of examination be it WASSCE or GCE is to encourage students especially the SS3 students to further their education.

While WAEC is meant for students who passed through the secondary school from JSS1 – SS3, GCE is meant for those who would like to obtain the same certificate of education outside secondary schools.

GCE does not care whether you attended any secondary school or college. You can write and get the certificate.

It is called advanced because of the caliber of people that write it and the level of recognition given to it.

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What is the difference between GCE and WAEC

  1. We have WAEC GCE and WAEC SSCE
  2. First, GCE means General Certificate of Education while WAEC means West African Examination Council.
  3. GCE is an external examination (a type of examination for private candidates who do not attend secondary schools anymore). On the other hand, SSCE is an internal examination (for school students)
  4. GCE is also called an A’level while WAEC SSCE is an O’level.
  5. GCE is recognised as a more advanced examination than the WASSCE

One thing you should note is that both exams can serve you the same purpose. The original aim of GCE was to enable school leavers obtain a certificate of education.

The West African Examination Council conducts three sets of examination in a year which are first phase of GCE (Jan/Feb), WAEC SSCE (May/June) and second phase of WAEC GCE (Nov/Dec). All these examinations are meant to grant you opportunity to grab the certificate of education.

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Similarities between GCE and WAEC

  1. Both can be used for the same purpose such as gaining admission into the higher institution (university)
  2. It can help you further your education outside the sores of your country.

Is WAEC Syllabus Same with GCE Syllabus?

Yes, GCE and WAEC SSCE use the same syllabus with slight difference. About 95% of the topics contained in n WASSCE is also contained in GCE. This simply means that you can use WAEC SSCE syllable to prepare for GCE.

Both WAEC SSCE and GCE share the same syllabus. For instance, literature students write exactly the same thing in both WAEC and GCE. They read exactly the same book and also answer from them.

Which one is harder between GCE and WAEC?

To determine the harder one among these two, one has to consider some factors including the differences and similarities stated above.

GCE is primarily meant for private students. It is meant for those who are outside the circle of schools. In other words, a person of any age can take such exam. In fact, it is meant for wider circle of persons. For this reason it is recognized as a more advanced examination.

Secondly, since it is meant for everyone, even those who haven’t read any book for years, it seems harder than WAEC SSCE because it’s been long they visited their books.

Judging from the slight differences and similarities between the two examinations, none of them should be judged to be harder than the other considering the following reasons:

1. Both exams use the same syllabus

Since both use the same curriculum, it simply means that they should expect questions from the same source during examination.

It also means that if a 17 year old boy can read WASSCE syllabus and pass WAEC SSCE, he can also use the same WAEC syllabus to write and pass GCE.

They use the same literature texts. No changes at all.

If it is so, what makes one to think that GCE is harder than WASSCE or that WASSCE is harder?

3. The same body conduct the examination

The West African Examination Council conducts both exams in Nigeria. Their main aim is to enable those who are still in the secondary school (JSS1 – SS3) and those who are not in school to obtain certificate of education. This certificate would help them process some things such as jobs, travel papers and other things.

There are some factors which make people think that GCE is harder and they include the following:

  • It is written by private students which also include professors. So, the fact that professors enroll for the examination makes them see it as very hard.
  • It is given higher recognition than WASSCE. The fact that it is given higher recognition doesn’t make it harder to pass. Study your books and you will see yourself doing well in GCE.
  • Fear: Since so many persons have not read for some years, they think writing such examination isn’t the best option for them.

Conclusion: Is GCE Harder Than WAEC

No, GCE is not harder than WAEC because you can use the same textbooks and syllabus used in passing WAEC to pass GCE; even someone who just finished writing WAEC SSCE can go in for GCE and still expect the same questions.

If you read well for GCE, you will see it is the same thing with that of WASSCE but if you fail to do so, you’ll definitely find it difficult.

Taking about the marking scheme, both have similar marking scheme. Both of them are meant to be favorable to anyone who merits it. It all depends on your work rate.

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Do not let anyone instill fear in you by telling you that GCE is very hard to pass. Do not mind such person. Both GCE and WASSCE are made for your good.

I hope this article was helpful. If you have anymore questions, do well to drop a comment below. Also like and share this post.


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