How to study for the LSAT | Strategies to score high

How to study for the LSAT: The LSAT is not an easy test and every person who wishes to study law in a U.S or Canadian law school must pass this test. And if you have been eyeing a top law school, you need to put in extraordinary work to become a top scorer. 

Law School Admission Council (LSAC) created the LSAT test for basic admission requirements into any law school. Most people who have taken this test will confirm difficulty and the way it is different from normal classroom tests. Students who are good at memorizing exam answers will not perform better in this type of test because the questions are not straightforward nor are the answers. The test will prove whether the student is ready to become a legal practitioner or not. So, adequate preparation with the right material is essential in passing the LSAT with a good score. 

How to study for the LSAT

Are you still in college and registered for LSAT but don’t know how to prepare? Or are you taking the test for the second time but don’t want any stories? Then you are in the right place. I will show you the best way to prepare for the LSAT. 

1. Be smart with your approach 

LSAT is difficult. Yes, I have stated that in the first paragraph but there’s nothing wrong in reminding you again here. Don’t approach the preparation like you do with other tests. Be aware that the questions you will face are not going to be clear on the answer to give. So, be smart when preparing for this test by ensuring that you look at example questions on each section of your learning journey. The reading comprehension may look easy but if you are yet to tackle any single question in it then you will surely fail. 

2. Answer sample questions as you prepare

There are LSAT questions samples that are available on LSAC website. These questions are not what you will face on the test day but they follow the same pattern. If you can answer some or all of the samples on the LSAC website then you will surely get a better score after the test. Also, while answering the sample questions, do it like you are in the real test. This way, you are training your analytical skills for the main test. 

3. Use timer for the sample questions 

I talked about the importance of answering sample questions in the paragraph above but it becomes even more rewarding when you are timed. If the question will need 2 minutes in the actual LSAT test, plan to answer it in 1 minute. This will increase your comprehension speed and how fast you can tackle each question. 

4. Have a study plan 

Develop a study plan that will drive you to study consistently without stopping for three months. Consistency will help you understand terms and phrases used in the test because memorizing them Will not be of much help. And in terms of how many hours you need to study, 300 hours is the ideal; as recommended by many trainers but I suggest you allocate more time to the study. 

If you are taking LSAT for the first time, don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Study very hard because that’s the only way you can perform well. The strategies needed to answer some questions are already outlined in the LSAT trainer book or any other study material of your choice. 

How to self-study for LSAT 

Different students have their peculiar way of understanding difficult concepts while studying for exams. Some will find it easy to comprehend when taught by a teacher, some will understand better when their friend explains, others can simply read and understand on their own. If you can study alone then you have more chances of completing the study material you are using. 

To study alone for LSAT, you need to first learn how to manage your time optimally without getting interrupted by social media or side-attractions. Preserve a study table, and dedicate it fully for LSAT studies. Resist the urge to study while lying down on the bed. It may look easy but not advisable for a student who wants to master the art of passing LSAT. 

Study for LSAT with an instructor 

Instructor led study setting can as well be beneficial for students who are taking the test for the first time and need someone to guide them. It is not compulsory to have an instructor but you learn better when being guided then it’s worth it. 

Find an instructor who is experienced in LSAT and will give you a working strategy to answer most of the questions. Note, an instructor or a coach won’t supply you answer to test sample questions but will help you learn strategies to approach every question. 


How to study for the LSAT can differ depending on whether it is your first or second time to take the test. If you are taking it for the first time then you need to study harder with the aid of trainers. Also, those who failed their first test need to evaluate the mistakes they made and prepare to correct them in the second test. 

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