Best LSAT Prep Books | Tips to Pick The Perfect one

What are the Best LSAT prep books? There are many books promising to give you what is needed to pass LSAT with at least a score of 170. However, these are just promises. Passing LSAT with a high score is very important to students who wish to become legal practitioners in the future. The material to achieve this—is as important as how you dedicate time to study. 

The Law School Admission Test does not have a cheat sheet or a particular book that will give you all the answers you need in the test. Some LSAT prep books may even confuse you and make things even a little harder. Some will take you round many strategies and test samples to make you familiar with LSAT question patterns. This type of prep book is what may help you. 

There are lots of books and material available online; some are free and you need to buy some of the prep books. In this article, I will list some of the good ones in my experience. The features I look out for before mentioning anyone is the number of test samples it has, does the strategies work?, does it have a good study plan for students? These and many other factors will influence the LSAT prep books I will list here. 

Best LSAT Prep Books 

The list will not be in order of preference or anything, just a random list but I will outline each of the special features of each of the prep books I will mention. 

1. The LSAT Trainer 

This LSAT prep book is for students who can learn and understand things on their own. It has a very clear way in explaining patterns and strategies LSAT questions are set. Students who have cultivated the habit of reading and comprehending without a guide will love the LSAT trainer. The sample questions it contains are very effective and efficient in putting students in the mood of an actual LSAT test. There are over 200 LSAT questions on The LSAT trainer that test your mastery of logic reasoning, logic games and reading comprehension. 

2. Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus

Kaplan is a must have for every student preparing for the LSAT test. It has a very good history in helping law aspirants prepare for the Law School Admission Test and come out with good grades. Interactive workshop, which is part of Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus online material is one major factor that sets it apart from others. The workshop is instructed by quality teachers who have been helping students for many years and clearly understand how to approach LSAT test questions. 

Students mostly choose Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus because they have been in the game for a very long time while some consider the test sample questions it offers. Whichever factors you prioritize in LSAT prep books is fully covered inside this great test book. 

3. The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy

The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy is broken down to make every section of LSAT very simple to understand. You don’t need to have a tutor while preparing for LSAT with this prep book. It handles every question in a special way to help the student learn skills to approach real LSAT test questions. Students even call it the cheat book because of how it teaches strategies and techniques to solve questions faster. Each section has a special tip to handle LSAT questions, and this has made students more confident; even when they have not taken the test for the first time. 

4. The Official LSAT SuperPrep II

LSAC, which is the body that puts up the LSAT test, has their own prep book that has question samples and detailed guidelines on how to tackle the questions. If you are having problems understanding the logic section of other LSAT prep books then you need to get The Official LSAT SuperPrep II. It handles this section like no other book and equally has many tips on the analytical reasoning and reading comprehension sections. Also, the LSAC practice tests in this book are all great ways of testing how you will perform in the actual test. 

5. The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep

The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep is a premium LSAT prep book that offers extensive and detailed resources to help students prepare for LSAT. Students who buy this book will have access to the online portal to take practice tests which will make them ready for the main test. 

The strategies they teach in this book covers all sections of LSAT. There is an explanation to every question you will encounter while studying for LSAT with The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep. 

How to buy LSAT prep books 

To choose the best book from the list above, you need to check what makes each of them unique and see how it can help you get ready for the test. 

Some of the books prioritize strategies of tackling questions and pay little attention to helping students develop the needed skills. Yes, you need skills as well as strategies because LSAT questions are never straightforward and the strategies learned will be obsolete with good understanding. Also, many sample test questions means you have lots of question types to get familiar with and it will surely be beneficial in the main LSAT test

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