How many times can you take the MCAT?

How many times can you take the MCAT? This question arises most when a student is not confident they will pass their first MCAT or when they have seen their score and its poor. If it’s actually a poor score, there are many factors that can make a student seeking admission into a medical school to do badly in MCAT. Some of them can be fear, exam anxiety, depression, accidents and many other reasons. 


The Medical College Admission Test is what decides if you will fulfill your goal of becoming a medical professional or not. Also, if you want to study in a top medical school in the United States, Canada, Australia or Caribbean islands, you need to score above 515 in your MCAT. Though scores below that range can still be used to secure admission in other good medical schools. It is always better to push for the best school because it carries more respect after graduating from a top medical school in your country. 

How many times can you take the MCAT

A student can take the MCAT seven times in their lifetime. This will give students who didn’t do well in their first or second attempt to still try it out again for up to another seven times. However, there’s something about taking a graduate school entrance exam multiple times. Research has revealed that students perform better in their first and second attempts.

This does not mean there are no cases where students perform awesomely in their fourth or fifth attempt. The rate is little, and some students may have even been engaged in something else that won’t allow them to prepare very well for the test again. Some rare cases where the students did not fully showcase their skills in the first and second tests, they perform well in the third one if they become less nervous. Students who are anxious and could not answer all the tests with a clear mind may be asking if they can rush to register for the next test immediately. Well, you need to learn how to settle down in a challenging test like the MCAT. 

Can you take the MCAT anytime you wish?

The frequency at which you can take this test depends on how prepared you are to go back with improved knowledge and skills. Some students will wait for another year before retaking MCAT. There are students who get traumatized when they see their results and will need time to recover before sitting for the test again. Some will register for the next test circle if they are confident their score will improve significantly. 

Here is how frequently you can take MCAT:

  • Seven attempts in a lifetime: why students work hard to perform well in their first and second tests is because they won’t take the MCAT forever. After taking it seven times, you can give up and look for another profession. 
  • Three times in one year: Students who can sit up and decide to take the test again can do this three times in a 12 calendar year. 
  • Four times in two years: after failing the test for the third time in 12 months, it’s better to prepare very well for the fourth time because the limit in 24 months is just four times. So, while preparing for the Medical College Admission Test, take note that there are limits to how many times you can take the MCAT in 24 months. 

Why do students retake MCAT

Most Students have targets and it’s disappointing telling people the Medical school you are applying for and later didn’t get admitted into the school. This will make the student retake the MCAT when their score cannot secure admission for them in their preferred institution. 

Some retake the test because the first attempt was just a trial. Students do register for MCAT with the intention of getting familiar with the test. It is a good move if the money is available but I suggest you take sample tests to prepare for the main test instead. 

Another major reason students retake MCAT is when they had some issues during the first attempt, which could be an accident or sickness. 

There are hundreds of reasons students retake MCAT and it depends on the student. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I retake MCAT

Yes, you can retake the Medical College Admission Test up to seven times in your lifetime. 

How many times can you take the MCAT in one year

There is a limit of only three times in 13 months and four times in 24 months. 

Should I retake the MCAT if my score is less than 520?

The truth is that students can be admitted with a score of even 510. It depends on the Medical school you are hoping to get admitted into. 


How many times can you take the MCAT as a student who is seeking admission into a medical school in the United States, Canada, Australia and Caribbean islands? If you could not secure admission into any medical school after 7 attempts then you need to change  careers. 

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