Study in South Africa as a nurse under Mediclinic Nursing Training Scholarship programme. Online application is now open and all eligible candidates can submit their online application form.

Go through this article and see all you need to know about the scholarship including the qualifications, required documents, how to apply and the online application portal.

Scholarship Description

Mediclinic Nursing College Scholarships for 2023/2024 are available for teaching, undergraduates, honors students, and postgraduates.

The Management has released the Mediclinic Nursing College 2023/2024 Scholarships online Application Form, which can now be used to send in an application.

The Mediclinic Nursing College gives out scholarships, helps students who don’t have enough money by giving them scholarships, etc.

NOTE: Mediclinic Nursing College Scholarships are usually given to students who have done well in school. The person who gets a scholarship usually doesn’t have to pay it back and there are usually no employment conditions attached.


List of  Required Documents

The following documents are required for Mediclinic Nursing College Scholarship 2024:

  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of household income
  • Parents IDs (for dependent applicants)
  • Academic record

Mediclinic Nursing College Scholarships are as follows:

  1. Mediclinic Nursing College Merit Scholarship
  2. Scholarship Conditions
  3. Transport Education Training Authority Scholarships
  4. Mediclinic Nursing College Doctoral Scholarships ETC

Mediclinic Nursing College admission form 2023/2024 is an scholarship scheme open to both South African and international students, all school leavers, non-school leavers, and qualified applicants, no matter their color, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or region.

On the Mediclinic Nursing College website, you can fill out an online application for 2023/2024. To get the Application, go to the Mediclinic Nursing College website.

Eligibility Requirements for Mediclinic Nursing Training Scholarship

Mediclinic recommends that you prepare for registration by doing the following:
Have you already signed up for the site Learning Opportunities?
If yes, do what’s written in step A. If not, please do what is said in step B.

If not, please do what is said in step B.


  • Make sure you have at least the minimum academic requirements.
  • You won’t be able to sign up for a course until your profile is finished.
  • Follow the steps in Section C, “How to Apply,” to apply for the training.


  • Make sure you have at least the minimum level of education.
  • Make sure Mediclinic can reach you at a valid email address and cell phone number.
  • Get copies of the following documents in electronic form:
    • Copy of your Grade 12 results, your Vocational Certificate, or your Grade 11 final grade.
    • A certified copy of your South African ID document
  • To start the process, click “Apply Now.” Fill out all the required fields, click “Save,” and then click “Apply.”
  • Follow the steps in Section C, “How to Apply,” to fill out the application for training.

How to Apply Mediclinic Nursing Training Scholarship 2024

  • Firstly, visit the scholarship application portal by clicking here to register.
  • Secondly, click on Opportunities (log in may be required if you are not already logged in).
  • Select the programme that you are interested in.
  • Click on ‘View Details‘ button to open the advertisement.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on ‘Apply’.

Registration Fess

For admission, applicants will bear the following costs:

  • All qualifying applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of R380. Banking details will only be provided to qualifying applicants.
  • Please ensure that your proof of payment is attached to your application.
  • Mediclinic does not provide accommodation, transport or meals for any programme.

Click here to see the registration fee schedule

Important Notes to Take

  • Only people who qualify will be given information about their bank accounts.
  • Mediclinic has the right to change the dates if it needs to do so for business reasons.
  • Those who want to study can only apply for one course.
  • The whole thing takes a few weeks and won’t be finished until two weeks after the deadline.
  • Information about psychometric assessment will be communicated three weeks after the deadline.
  • You may have to pay to get to the nearest approved learning center and the hospital assigned to you for theoretical and clinical training.
  • There is no guarantee of a job.
  • Please remember the dates for registration, because after the deadline, no late applications will be accepted.
  • Not every learning area always has a new student coming in.

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