Spanish American Institute Scholarship Application 2023-24

Spanish American Institute Scholarship offers financial aid to deserving Latino students seeking a 2-year or 4-year degree or observing an avocational program who are active fellows of a local CalPac United Methodist Church (UMC) in Southern California.

About Spanish American Institute Scholarship (SAI)

Spanish American Institute (SAI) is a private, nonprofit association committed to providing educational grants to Hispanic students in Southern California. Since 1909, when it was founded as a boarding school training vocational skills for local Mexican boys, SAI has adjusted both its structure and its programs to fulfill the changing needs of the Hispanic community in Southern California.

Eligibility, Requirements, and Criteria

To apply for the Spanish American Institute Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish civilization or origin, regardless of race.
  • Be an active fellow  of aCalPac local UMC for a maximum of 1 year
  • Present at least one letter of recommendation from the Pastor or church head.
  • Attending or will attend an accredited 2-year district college, 4-year college or university, or vocational program in the next educational school year
  • Full-time registration (minimum 12 units per semester) in a typical degree program is needed.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average CGPA of 2.5 in high school and/or college is desired.
  • Complete the SAI application procedure
  • Scholarship applicants do not require to be US citizens. Permanent residents or undocumented scholars will be regarded.
  • Graduate and Ph.D. applicants are not qualified for SAI scholarships.
  • An individual may obtain only one SAI scholarship.
  • Scholarship benefactors give SAI approval to publish their names and photo to facilitate the SAI scholarship program.

Required Documents

Guidance on Documents Requested


Applicant must meet a 500-word essay on such subjects as background, life barriers, role models, interests, short and long-term goals, and need for scholarship, and show how he/she identifies with the Latino culture.

Letters of Recommendation

At least one letter of recommendation must come from the Pastor or Church Head. Other letters of recommendation can be from tutors, coaches, community members, bosses, and even family members who will testify to the applicant’s character, love, drive, potential, and achievements to date.


If the candidate is a high school student, the applicant should have all open school transcripts starting with the 9th grade. If the high school student has taken college courses, then it is suggested that s/he obtain transcripts for the college work, also.

Financial information

If incapable to file a FAFSA application, please have income tax documents available to present upon request.

Submitted Applications

A finished application and needed documents must be received by the deadline date

Deadline and opening dates

Application for the Spanish American Institute Scholarship is open on March 31st and the deadline for this scholarship is May 4th.


Spanish American Institute Scholarship Amount

Spanish American Institute Scholarship has awarded over $160,000 in scholarships to over 260 students between 2008 and 2018. Since SAI has been providing scholarships since the 1970s, over $1M of scholarships have been granted.

How to apply for the Spanish American Institute Scholarship

  • Read Scholarship procedure instructions before writing in the Scholarship Application form.
  • To apply online and have your application packet presented automatically, you must have all needed documents: two Letters of Recommendation and the 500 Word Essay, available. If you do have the required documents, finish the Scholarship Application form and click HERE.
  • If your needed documents are not ready, you may finish the Scholarship Application form now, and click SAVE FILLED-IN APPLICATION. Once you have all the needed documents, email the saved application and needed documents to [email protected].

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