List of Courses offered in BUI (Bowen University Iwo)

Bowen University Iwo courses: Bowen University is a Christian University which was established in 2001 by NBC( Nigeria Baptist Convention) with the intention to leave an everlasting footprint in the honor of Thomas Jefferson(in 1850) who was the first southern Baptist in Nigeria. Jefferson is a man full of compassion towards humanity. Due to the level of value he has for humanity, out of selflessness served humanity most especially in human development. 

To every height attained, there’s always a grassroots. Bowen University didn’t start as a university but as a primary and secondary school(1854) where knowledge was being taught and practiced. 

Bowen started her academic session in 2001 July 17th which made it one of the oldest schools in the country.

Why you should study at Bowen University Iwo

Among the top ten best universities in the country, Bowen University is one of them.

Equipped with learning facilities for easy learning and with qualified professionals.

  • Bowen University is best for studying, especially for its offer of world-class academic excellence combining it with Christian values as it’s established under Godly guidelines and disciplines. It provides the students the room to study conducively as its core values remain discipline, entrepreneurship, leadership, integrity, innovation, academic excellence, godliness and social responsibility. Bowen University builds and stabilizes human capabilities. Knowing fully well that the generation we are now is a generation of research and innovation, Bowen University is well equipped in human capital development, ensuring the mental stability of its students.
  • Bowen University has approximately 4500(four thousand five hundred) graduates well trained, sent out to give back to the world what was given to them in Bowen University. Students are being innovated in project works. Her innovation has spread across the world, broadcasting her excellence and diligence in her area of specialization. Knowing fully well the reliability and the value of researches in the society,The university is a center of learning, which has distinction in research, with the value it has for the society Bowen combines academic excellence which is borne of God-fearing, addressing the challenges facing our society today and working towards establishing and developing human capital in solving her problems. To every individual seeking for an admission, I recommend you Bowen University.

List of Courses offered in BUI (Bowen University Iwo) 

The following are list of courses available in Bowen university iwo

  1. College of Management and Social Sciences (COMSS) 
  2. B.Sc. Accounting
  3. B.Sc. Banking and Finance
  4. B.Sc. Business Administration
  5. B.Sc. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
  6. B.Sc. Economics
  7. B.Sc. Sociology
  8. B.Sc. Political Science
  9. B.Sc. International Relations
  10. B.Sc. Political and Law (FRESH)
  11. College of Law (COLAW)
  12. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
  13. College of Liberal Studies (COLBS)
  14. B.A. Music
  15. B.A. Theatre Arts
  16. B.A. English
  17. B.A. History and International Studies
  18. B.A. Religious Studies

D.College of Health Sciences (COHES)

  1. B.Sc. Anatomy
  2. B.Sc. Physiology
  3. Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (B.Sc. / MBBS)
  4. Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.NSc.)
  5. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.Physiotherapy)
  6. B.Sc. Public Health
  7. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS)
  8. B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
  9. College of environment science (COEVS)
  10. B.Sc. Architecture
  11. B.Sc. Surveying and Geoinformatic. Mel look on
  12. College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science (COAES)
  13. B.Sc. Microbiology
  14. B.Sc. Pure and Applied Biology
  15. B.Sc. Biochemistry
  16. B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  17. B.Sc. Mathematics
  18. B.Sc. Statistics
  19. B.Sc. Physics
  20. Bachelor of Agriculture (B.Agric.)
  21. B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
  22. B.Eng. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  23. B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering
  24. B. Agric. Extension and Social Engineering (SAFE)


  1. College of Computing and Communication Studies (COCCS)
  2. B.Sc. Computer Science

2.B.Sc. Information Technology

  1. B.A. Communication Arts
  2. B.Sc. Mass Communication

5.B.Sc. Software Engineering

  1. B.Sc. Cyber Security

Bowen University admission requirements

To be admitted into Bowen University, one needs to meet up with the following requirements

  • Candidates must have not less than five credit in their senior secondary school certificate examination (SSCE) in relevant subjects not excluding mathematics and English language
  • Also in Unified Tertiary Matriculation examination (UTME), candidates are expected to score at least minimum cut off mark and equally meet up criteria set up by the university for a specific program.
  • Candidates are also expected to meet up with the additional requirements for each program.
  • A candidate for law is expected to take aptitude test for law
  • Its candidate is expected to take a medical screening test.
  • An interview or additional test is for assessing the suitability of a candidate for a particular course.


Do you wish to study abroad? Bowen University Iwo (BUI) provides the opportunity to study abroad and exchange programs. They provide several non-academic and academic  services to its students. Facilities are made available such as sport facilities, library and many other academic facilities.

Bowen University Iwo (BUI) offers programs and courses which are highly recognized in the country.

Again I recommend BUI, it’s best for you.

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