Do you want to be admitted into Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine as a new student or transfer student? This article is for you as I will show you your chances of being accepted, admission requirements and how to apply for admission. It is important for you to check the Bowdoin College Acceptance Rate (Admission Rate) 2024 to enable you understand your chances of being accepted into the school.

Bowdoin College Acceptance Rate (Admission Rate) 2024

Bowdoin College is a prestigious liberal arts college located in Brunswick, Maine. It was founded in 1794 and is considered one of the oldest and most selective colleges in the United States. The college has a small enrollment of about 2,000 undergraduate students and is known for its strong academic programs, distinguished faculty, and beautiful campus.

Over the past few years, the acceptance rate at Bowdoin College has been consistently low. In the fall of 2020, the acceptance rate was only 10.9%. This means that out of the nearly 12,000 students who applied to the college, only about 1,300 were offered admission.

One factor that contributes to the low acceptance rate at Bowdoin is the highly competitive applicant pool. The college attracts top students from around the country and the world, and many of these students have strong academic records, high test scores, and impressive extracurricular achievements.

In addition to having a strong academic profile, students who are successful in getting into Bowdoin typically have a strong passion for learning and a commitment to making a difference in the world. The college values students who are intellectually curious, open-minded, and engaged in their communities.

Requirements for Admission into Bowdoin College

To apply to Bowdoin, students must submit an application, transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay. The admissions committee also considers other factors such as the student’s extracurricular activities, leadership experience, and personal characteristics.

To apply to Bowdoin College, students must submit the following materials:

  1. An online application: Students can apply to Bowdoin through the Common Application or the Coalition Application.
  2. Transcripts: Students must submit their official high school transcripts, as well as transcripts from any college or university coursework they have completed.
  3. Test scores: Bowdoin requires applicants to submit scores from either the SAT or ACT. The college does not have a preference for one test over the other.
  4. Letters of recommendation: Students must submit two letters of recommendation from teachers or other adults who can speak to their academic abilities and personal characteristics. Check out the best person to write a letter of recommendation for you.
  5. Personal essay: Students must submit a personal essay as part of their application. The essay should be between 250 and 650 words and should reflect the student’s personal and academic interests, as well as their values and goals.
  6. Minimum GPA: While there is no specific GPA requirement for admission to Bowdoin, the college looks for students who have consistently strong academic performance.
  7. Course requirements: Students should have completed a strong college preparatory curriculum, including four years of English, three years of math, three years of science, three years of social studies, and two years of a foreign language.
  8. English proficiency: Students whose first language is not English must submit scores from the TOEFL or IELTS to demonstrate their proficiency in English.
  9. Interview: Some applicants may be invited to interview with a member of the admissions committee. This is an opportunity for students to speak with a representative from the college and learn more about the admissions process.

How to Apply for Admission into Bowdoin College 2024

To apply for admission to Bowdoin College, students must follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Choose an application platform: Students can apply to Bowdoin through the Common Application or the Coalition Application. It is recommended that students choose the platform that they feel most comfortable with.
  2. Create an account: Students will need to create an account on the application platform they have chosen in order to access the application.
  3. Fill out the application: The application will ask for basic personal and contact information, as well as information about the student’s academic background, extracurricular activities, and personal interests.
  4. Submit the application: Once all of the required materials have been gathered, students can submit their application through the application platform.

It is important for students to carefully review the application requirements and deadlines for Bowdoin College. The college has a rolling admissions process, which means that applications are reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received. It is recommended that students submit their applications as early as possible in order to maximize their chances of being accepted.


While the acceptance rate at Bowdoin is low, it is important to note that the college is committed to building a diverse and inclusive student body. The college has a strong financial aid program and works to make sure that students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to attend.

The acceptance rate at Bowdoin College is consistently low due to the high caliber of the applicant pool and the college’s commitment to academic excellence. However, the college is also dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive community and works to make sure that students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to attend.

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