Download the the correct 2024/2025 WAEC Physics Practical Specimen PDF for your today’s practical examination. All questions will be out from these approved specimen. Therefore, study them carefully.

This is to inform the general public that the West African Examination Council has approved and released a new WASSCE Physics practical specimen. In line with this, all Wassce candidates are expected to study these specimen and get ready for their examinations.

Instruction: In addition to the usual apparatus in the Physics laboratory, each candidate will require the following:

  • General Mathematical table/calculator;
  • Geometrical instruments.


WAEC Practical Specimen for Physics 2024


  • A load of mass 100g concealed and labelled as P:
  • A load of mass 20g concealed and labelled as A set of masses m (40g, 50g, 60g, 70g and 80g);
  • Metre rule;
  • 100cm piece of string;
  • Stopwatch;
  • Helical spring;
  • Retort stand set-up;
  • Knife edge.


  • A rectangular block (glass or Perspex)
  • measuring at least 10cmx9cm;
  • Drawing sheet;
  • Drawing board;
  • Four optical pins,
  • Drawing pins;
  • Triangular prism;
  • Half-metre rule;
  • Plane mirror.


  • 1Ω standard resistor labelled R;
  • Rheostat;
  • Voltmeter;
  • Ammeter;
  • Key/switch,
  • Source of emf, E=2F;
  • Ten connecting wires;
  • Resistance box;
  • Jockey;
  • Metre bridge.

Also note that the practical exam counts in your WAEC score. For this reason, you are expected to take it serious and follow the instructions given to your group.


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