Spark Schools Fees 2024 – A Comprehensive Guide

Spark Schools Fees 2023

If you have been wondering about the Spark Schools Fee Structure for the 2024 academic year, this blog post shall unveil and give you the comprehensive guide and information that you need. this article shall provide detailed information about Spark School and tell you everything you need to know about the tuition fees. keep reading to find out about Spark Schools Fees 2024

About Spark Schools

Spark Schools was established in 2012 by Ryan Harrison and Stacey Brewer. This was done to improve educational levels in South Africa at a fair cost. Spark Ferndale, the first of its kind, premiered in 2013 in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Spark Schools was started in 2012 by Ryan Harrison and Stacey Brewer. Spark Schools’ management is committed to constructing new schools each year because they believe that South African children deserve the best education possible.

The best characteristic of Spark Schools is that learning is personalized to match the needs of each student. Teachers employ both traditional teaching methods and technology to ensure that their students learn enough.

How Much Is Spark Schools Fees?

Spark School  Fee Type School Fees
Primary School Application Fee R500
Yearly Tuition R25,500
Monthly Tuition R2,550
Stationery Fee R610
Secondary School Application Fee R700
Stationery Fee R700
Monthly Tuition R3,300
Yearly Tuition R33,300


Is Spark School Fees Costly?

Spark Schools offers outstanding education at an affordable price. Fees at Spark primary and secondary schools are detailed here.

Primary School Fees: The yearly school fee is R25,500, with an R610 stationery fee. The application fee is R500, with a monthly tuition of R2550 and an R610 stationery fee.

Secondary School Fees: R33000 per year, R700 for stationery, R500 for application, and R3300 for monthly tuition.

Please keep in mind that there are no refunds allowed for the Spark elementary or secondary school application fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum does SPARK Schools use?

Spark Schools’ educational standards are consistent with both worldwide and South African national requirements. The curriculum is centered on individualized and dynamic teaching to ensure that students follow the CAPS curriculum and the present educational system.

What Subjects Are Taught At SPARK Schools?

  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Isizulu & Isixhosa
  • Physical education
  • Social & emotional learning
  • Natural & social science
  • Mathematics
  • Economic Management Sciences (Business Studies & Accounting)
  • Creative Arts
  • Natural Science
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Social Science (Geography & History)
  • Technology
  • Character Quotient (Life Orientation and Physical Education)
  • Geography
  • Business Studies
  • History
  • Economics

Is Spark a private school.

Yes, SPARK Schools is a private school network, that offers low-cost, globally competitive education.

Spark Schools provide their students with the best and most cutting-edge education available. Tutors are committed to ensuring that students are involved in their communities and their country outside of school.

Teachers are likewise committed to providing children with an excellent education in order to better prepare them for future challenges.

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