NECO Syllabus for Civic Education 2024/2025 – Download PDF

Download NECO syllabus for Civic Education 2024/2025 for SS1 to SS3 free. This syllabus will show you the area of concentration for this year’s NECO SSCE Civic Education examination. In other words, it gives you all the Civic Education topics, recommended textbooks and authors which you need to read in preparation for the examination.

NOTE: This syllabus is for both NECO SSCE and GCE examinationsTherefore, both GCE and secondary school students can make use of it.

One thing you should note about the NECO syllabus is that all the Civic Education questions in your examination will come out from there. So, it is real.

The National Examination Council has officially released areas of concentration which i geared towards helping students pass their Civic Education examination. The examination Council understands how difficult some students find Civic Education. For this reason, it has decided to give topic from which all NECO SSCE questions and answers will come out from.

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Is NECO Syllabus Real or Fake and How Do I get It?

Yes, NECO syllable is real because it is approved by the National Examination Council (NECO) for all senior secondary students.

Most of the topics in WAEC Civic syllabus are also found in NECO syllabus. So, you can use the WAEC syllabus to prepare for your NECO examinations.

If you are still wondering where to get the real and complete syllable for this year’s Civic Education examination, you can get it here on this website or from your school.

It is almost hard to find the real syllabus for NECO Civic Education online. For this reason, we have decided to provide you with the correct topics and recommended textbooks in order to help you pass. You can get a hard copy of it from your school or you print from this website.

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NECO Civic Education Syllabus 2024/2025

Introduction to Civic Education

  • Key introduction and explanation

Citizenship Study: Candidates should know the following

  • Definition and explanation of citizenship.
  • Explanation of citizenship education
  • Primary aims of citizenship education.
  • The civil duties and obligations of citizens.

Nationalism: Candidates should know the following

  • Definition and explanation of nationalism;
  • National consciousness.
  • Nationalistic roles the citizens;
  • Civic problems in our society.

NATIONAL ETHICS: Candidates should know the following

  • National Obligations
  • Discipline,

Value: Candidates should know the following

  • The meaning and explanation of values.
  • Types of values
  • Benefits of values.

Human Rights: Candidates should know the following

  • Explanation of human rights in your country
  • Fundamental human rights in your country
  • Human Rights violation
  • History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
  • The 7 core freedoms of UDHR;
  • Function and duty of the UDHR;
  • Human rights limitation

National Law and Order: Candidates should know the following

  • Definition and explanation of Law and Order in your country
  • Components and properties of National Law and Order;
  • The advantages of Law and Order
  • Constituted authority and it types
  • The roles of a constituted authority.

Responsible Parenthood: Candidates should know the following

  • A basic explanation of a responsible parenthood
  • The duties of responsible parents;
  • Roles of responsible parenthood in national unity and development.


Traffic Regulations: Candidates should know the following

  • Explanation of traffic.
  • Traffic signals and their meanings
  • The importance of traffic regulation for safety.
  • Citizens and government duties in maintaining traffic.

Relationships: Candidates should know the following

  • Inter-personal relationship and explanation
  • Definition and Types
  • How to promotes interpersonal relationships
  • Inter-communal relationships and their importance
  • Societal and inter-communal conflicts and how to resolve them

Cultism: Candidates should know the following

  • The origin and history of cultism
  • Cult groups and their symbols;
  • Activities of cultism in our society
  • The effects and consequences of cultism in our society
  • How to prevent cultism in our society.

DrugsCandidates should know the following

  • Drug Abuse and misuse
  • Definition and explanation of drug abuse and drug misuse
  • Abused drugs
  • Effects of drug abuse.
  • Drug addicts;
  • How to prevent drug abuse and drug misuse
  • Drugs laws and agencies

Human Trafficking: Candidates should know the following

  • Definition and explanation of human trafficking.
  • History and origin of human trafficking.
  • Consequence and effect of human trafficking.
  • How to stop and prevent human trafficking

Hiv/Aids: Candidates should know the following

  • Full meaning of HIV and AIDS.
  • The origin of HIV and AIDS.
  • Transmission of HIV
  • Symptoms of HIV & AIDS
  • Effects and prevention of HIV
  • Stigmatization

Youth Empowerment: Candidates should know the following

  • Definition and explanation of youth empowerment;
  • Youth empowerment skills and its importance.
  • The role of government in youth empowerment.

Governmental System: Candidates should know the following

  • The origin, definition, and explanation of the term “Government”
  • Arms of government
  • Structure of Government
  • Functions of Government
  • Tiers of government.

Democracy; Candidates should know the following

  • Meaning, definitions, and explanation of democracy.
  • Types of democracy
  • Features of democracy
  • Democracy and its importance
  • The pillars of democracy;
  • Common problems in democracy.

Rule of Law; Candidates should know the following

  • The definition and explanation of rule of law and its features
  • importance and problems of rule of law.

National Development: Candidates should know the following

  • Explanation of national development
  • Effects of democracy on national development
  • How Rule of law affects national development
  • The effects of good government on national development

Political Apathy: Candidates should know the following

  • Definition and explanation of political apathy
  • Reasons for political apathy.
  • Effect of political apathy.
  • Interests of followers.
  • How to end political apathy.

Popular Participation: Candidates should know the following

  • Definition and types of popular participation;
  • The societal need for popular participation
  • Modes and kinds of popular participation
  • The role of popular participation in politics.

Civil Society: Candidates should know the following

  • Definition of civil society and its functions.
  • The role of civil society and why it is needed.
  • Common problems faced in a civil society

Public Service: Candidates should know the following;

  • The key definitions and explanation of public services.
  • Duties of public services.
  • Problems in public services
  • Public service improvement.

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