How Students Can Claim/Redeem Oregon State Athletics Ticket

Oregon student tickets

How do I redeem or claim Oregon Athletic tickets as a student? How long will it and take and what are the processes involved? What are the requirements for claiming Oregon students ticket?

Oregon State Athletics, is an organization established to provide sports tickets to students at subsidized rates. It is a student fee-funded resource for students.

Oregon State’s Athletics offers sports tickets to students for certain sports programs, the tickets are covered by the fees with no additional cost while accessing it.

Students can learn and understand how to claim and redeem their tickets and enjoy being part of the crowd instead of watching the sports events from home alone.

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How do I claim student tickets in Oregon?

For other sports events excluding Baseball, student can redeem their events tickets from

  • to access the site
  • Students are required to provide their student ID number and a valid Email address that the redeemed tickets will be sent.

If students wish to continue to claim the tickets throughout the year 1, he or she must set up an account with a unique password on the website.

Students are eligible to purchase one guest ticket when redeeming their student tickets for family or friends who are not a student of Oregon State University to attend a sports event in the student section.

The Guest will be mandated to provide the stadium location and the name of the students they are attending the game with.

Oregon State Baseball sports events, which is a national championship game that usually takes place three times per year, has a different process for redeeming and claiming tickets.

Baseball sports events tickets are not claimed online like other sports events tickets that will get emailed to you, Rather in claiming baseball events students will be required to obtain their tickets in person upon arriving at Goss stadium.

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The event’s tickets are collected at the tickets issuance office behind home plate two hours ahead of the game kick off.

Students will be required to provide a valid Oregon State University ID to claim or redeem tickets.

Oregon State does not offer tickets for every sports event though sports fans can have access to the majority of sports events tickets that Oregon state’s offers.

Currently Oregon State’s Athletics offers tickets for football, women’s and men’s soccer, baseball, women’s and men’s soccer, gymnastics, wrestling and volleyball.

It should be noted that all the home games of those sports are played at a stadium located on Oregon State campus.

To attend any of the games, it is required that the students come to the stadium with their Oregon State University ID and the digital sports events tickets that they have received.

Redeeming the students tickets should not be a hectic one as far as the procedure stipulated on the tickets claiming site is duly followed. This process does not require students to pay extra fees other than the initial required cost.

Students enjoy attending the Oregon State Athletics events because it provides them with opportunities for fun and Community Association.

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Tickets fee

There has been a very serious debate regarding Oregon State University Athletics student tickets fee at the just concluded gathering of the Student Association of OSU in June. 23rd . The ticket was proposed to cost about $41 per term, though it was rejected by the association and sent to mediation, where the fee will be further reviewed by the students fee committee.

The issue of the tickets fee generated several arguments from the members of the Congress opposing the proposed ticket fee, especially finding fault with Athletics using student fees to Garner free sporting events tickets for all students.

Even if those students use the tickets or not , some members said that they know Students who have never made use of the free tickets and thus it will be wise if the tickets fund will be allocated to another unit in the school.

Students of Oregon State University should know that the current proposed ticket fee is less for students compared to what it has been some years ago. In 2019 it was $42.18 vs the proposed $41 in 2022, juxtaposing other units in the institution who have witnessed steady increases in funding.

According to the Deputy Athletics Director for External Operation, Zack Lassiter ” we feel that the new proposed fee is still very much affordable and we are very cognizant of asking students for their little cooperation.

And unfortunately if ASOSU kicks against the newly proposed budget, the students are on the verge of losing three pillars of Athletics current model which includes: getting the best seat at the stadium, easy student tickets accessibility or ticket affordability.

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How many tickets do Oregon State University sell?

Oregon State is known to be a large sports event tickets dealer who is solely based on selling tickets to students at a less costly budget.

However Oregon State will not sell student tickets that are not in large numbers, that haven’t been redeemed within a few hours before the game start, this rule is according to the institution official.

Boise State, which is affiliated with the school on contract basis, has sold its allotment of about 1,450 tickets. The contract between Boise State and Oregon State University allowed Boise State to sell up to 2750 tickets, but it didn’t ask for more beyond the initial allotment of 1,450 tickets.

How Oregon students can access sport event tickets

  • Step 1: Interested student should follow is to log in to their students account on the institution beavers website. If they don’t have an account they need to create one using their students ID number and accessible email address.
  • Step 2: After logging in on the main page of the students tickets website, there are several varieties of sports to choose from, students are only permitted to choose “student football Tickets” once the page opens students should select the Find Tickets option for the Stanford game.
  • Step 3: Students will be able to purchase one or two guest tickets, along with their student tickets. Once they have chosen the guest tickets they can go ahead and make payments for the tickets and it will be emailed to the email associated with the account they used during the registration.

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