Download the full and correct NECO 2023/2024 Biology practical specimen for Senior secondary students. This is an updated list of specimen as released by the National Examination Council (NECO).

In this article, I will show you the full and newly approved specimen for science students. Follow the link below to download this year’s specimen.

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All biology practical exam real questions and answers will be posted here during your examination. Keep refreshing this page for more updates…


Table of Contents

NECO Biology Practical Specimen 2023/2024


  1. SPECIMEN A: Elephant Grass
  2. SPECIMEN B: Grasshopper
  3. SPECIMEN C: Lizard
  4. SPECIMEN D: Housefly
  5. SPECIMEN E: Termite
  6. SPECIMEN F: Spider
  7. SPECIMEN G: Longitudinal
  9. SPECIMEN H: Cashew fruit
  10. SPECIMEN I: Transverse Section
  11. of Tomato fruit
  12. SPECIMEN J: Tridax fruit
  13. SPECIMEN K: Left femur of a
  14. small mammal
  15. SPECIMEN L: Flamboyant flower
  16. SPECIMEN M: Tilapia Fish


  1. Specimen A – Thermometer
  2. Specimen B – Rain gauge
  3. Specimen C – Meter rule
  4. Specimen D – Sweep net
  5. Specimen E – Wind vane
  6. Specimen F – Quadrat
  7. Specimen G – Filter paper
  8. Specimen H – Quill feather
  9. Specimen J – Palm frond(freshly procured)


  1. Specimen P – Male cockroach
  2. Specimen Q – Grasshopper
  3. Specimen R – Small mammal/Rat/Mouse


Download NECO SSCE Biology specimen

NECO specimens are like the syllabus. All questions and answers for NECO SSCE Biology practical will come from these specimens given above.

NOTE: The specimen comes out few months before the main examination. This is to enable students to study and note the possible questions which may come out from those areas. During your studies, you are expected note the possible use of those specimens in different groups.


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