Do you want to know the most lucrative courses  in Nigeria to study as stipulated  by facts and promising  chances of employment and better job security? Then you should read this

  • The chance of a having a successful career dreamed of starts from making a good choice of field among lucrative Courses in Nigeria to study
  • According to statistics African students always fall prey to wrong choice of study due to hardship faced while searching for admission in tertiary institutions and this you need to go  for lucrative Courses in Nigeria for a better chance or opportunity.

This article will help you understand courses valued in Africa and Nigeria in particular providing an insight towards a determinable successful career that could open doors in the nearest future.

Before throwing more light on the case study lets  first understand what makes a course lucrative.

What Makes a Course Lucrative or to be among the 5 most lucrative Courses to study in Nigeria 


A course can be said to be lucrative in Nigeria when when its skill and knowledge is so much found wanting in the Nigeria labor market.

Lucrative courses are those that align with the current demands of the job market.

Graduates with degrees in these courses are highly sought  by employers due to the specialized skills and knowledge gained in this field of study

Given Nigeria’s competitive job market with less employment security having a degree in a lucrative field can give you a significant chance and an aid in securing employment and building a successful career.

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5 Most Lucrative Courses in Nigeria 2024/2025

Below are the lucrative courses right now one can study

1. Medicine and Surgery

2. Law

3. Accounting

4. Engineering

5. Information Technology/Computer Science

6. Business Administration

1. Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery is a highly demanded and sought-after course in Nigeria.With a growing population and increasing healthcare needs, medical professionals are in high demand. The field requires more hand in its different sectors depending on the area of concentration one goes for.

Graduates in this field can work in hospitals, clinics, research institutions, and also the public health sector thereby contributing  to society’s well-being while enjoying impressive salaries and better incentives

2. Law

Law is also one of the most competitive courses in Nigeria right now based on its uniqueness and specialty. Lawyers are viewed as the most important and learned profession. Bringing it down to it’s lucrative nature, a lawyer is seen as an icon of justice and equity making it so lucrative and well respected. They go on to work as solicitors and barristers in one field thereby giving them a high opportunity to high benefit.

Law is a complex field offering opportunities in the corporate world, government agencies, NGOs, and law enforcement.

The legal profession provides an avenue for a positive impact towards creation of wealth.


Accounting and Finance prepare graduates from the field for roles in finance, corporate organizations, and governmental  agencies. Accountants are very essential for business, almost every field requires the services of an accountant.

Accounting graduates are always in demand in the labor market 

4. Engineering

Engineering under  specializations in different fields such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. This is viewed by many experts as a vital tool for Nigeria’s infrastructure development in its field of specialization.

The demand for engineers tend to  grow following ideas or notion that Nigeria is a developing country according to the world view or prospect

5. Information Technology

Information Technology is one of the lucrative courses in Nigeria, following the advent of technological growth In information. The coming of development in this sector puts graduates in this field in a very big chance of having a successful career with great monetary benefits. With technology shaping our world, IT professionals are in high demand. These courses cover software development, cyber security, and networking, offering excellent career opportunities and competitive salaries. 

6.Business Administration

Business Administration aids graduates for roles in finance, marketing, and management and more. It’s viewed that graduate in this dive into the business worlds as experts on many ground.The curriculum in this field covers accounting, economics, and business law, providing a solid foundation for diverse career paths and more

Apart from the highlighted courses, other marketable courses include Computer Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Architecture, Mass Communication, economics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Environmental Science, Agriculture, Education, Geology, Public Health, and Statistics, fishery, horticulture, many moremarketable courses 

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