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How hard is MCAT? Well, the standardized test is very hard because every aspiring medical student must pass it before securing admission into any medical school. Also, there are lots of people taking the test with the hope of being the preferred candidate for top medical schools in the United States, Australia, Canada and the Caribbean islands. The number of students with high scores are many, so average students need to do extra work if they truly wish to get admitted into a top medical school. 

Popular question from students is: How hard is the MCAT? Mostly because they don’t feel confident with how much they have studied. This is nothing strange as students grow cold feet when a serious test like MCAT is approaching. However, I wish to tell you that you have nothing to worry about if you have been studying for this exam. 

How Hard is the MCAT?

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a very challenging standardized test that medical students must pass with a high score if they want to get admitted into a medical school in the United States, Canada, Australia or Caribbean islands. This test is designed to test if the student is ready to tackle the tough coursework they will face in a medical school. With my experience interviewing students who have written this test and reviews available on social media, I will have to agree with Connor Reeds of Test Prep Insight that MCAT is the most demanding graduate school entrance exam in the United States. Many students studying for this test are afraid they may not reach the minimum score for admission. This fear may be bad for their chances because it may demoralize them. The truth is that people are passing the MCAT and are getting admitted into their school of choice. So, If you begin preparation on time and face the exam with much knowledge and boldness, you could score above 515, which is above the minimum score. 

Why is MCAT this Hard

Medical schools look for the best talents because medicine and its related areas of professionalization are very delicate. It is not a thing of trial and error that will welcome average students who will not make an impact on the field. 

Here are some reason the Medical College Admission Test is considered one of the most demanding graduate school entrance exam in the United States:

  • Exam length

It will take the student about 7 hours and 30 minutes to attempt all the 236 questions. This is very voluminous for an entrance exam. Other standardized tests like SAT will take about 3 hours for the student to attempt all questions. So, a student answering questions for over 7 hours is one reason the test is difficult. 

  • Strange and Tricky Questions 

If you are good at memorizing answers to questions when going to Exam hall then it won’t help you here. The questions will look abstract and you need to have good critical thinking skills to supply the correct answers to the question. 

How Hard is it to Score 515 in the MCAT

515 is a good score and will get you into a good medical school. The work to but if this is your target is the same work you need if you wish to score 520. What I mean here is that you have to complete every possible coursework and study material if you expect this score. 

Secondly, you need to begin preparation on time if you aspire to have a high MCAT score. Don’t wait for the right time before buying materials to help you with the preparation or getting a coach to guide you through the process. 

Strategies to Score High in MCAT 

Yes, the test is difficult but there are many things you can do to stand a better chance of getting a higher score. These are not necessarily cheats but some good strategies students who score high utilize to get a nice score. 

1. Have a Study Plan 

Plan to study consistently for the MCAT. Schedule time you study every Day and topics you wish to cover. Let the drill be very consistent so that you won’t have to reschedule after procrastinating for a long time. 

2. Utilize MCAT Prep Material 

There are many well arranged materials to help you with the preparation for the Medical College Admission Test. Some of them even have strategies to answer certain questions if they appear in the test. A good MCAT prep book or course should have video lessons, practice materials with tons of sample questions, and an intense study plan. 

3. Solve the Samples Questions on Prep Materials 

The questions are not there for fancy. It is meant to give you some kind of feeling of a real MCAT test when you solve them. If you complete a section of the course, maybe psychology, head to the sample questions and solve as many questions as possible. Ensure you review and learn any time you supply a wrong answer to a question. 

4. Take Practice Tests 

Some MCAT study materials have complete test practice that can even be timed. While doing this, obey the rules of the test like it’s the real MCAT, set time to finish the test and don’t ever try to exceed the time limit. 


Do you want to know how hard MCAT is? Then search for some MCAT questions samples on this website. Also, the number of students that could not cross 515 is massive. Also, top schools you have been wishing to get admitted into are not going to welcome you with a mediocre score. 

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