Educational Service Contracting (ESC) scholarship is one of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) many partnership financial aid programs. The main goal of this program is to make public junior high schools less crowded. It sets aside spots for students who would have gone to public schools otherwise.

Receive ESC students grant for free and fund your education. Simply go through this article and see all you need to know about the grants scheme.

Who is eligible to Apply for ESC grant

Elementary school graduates who want to go to a private high school that is part of the ESC or students who are starting Grade 7 can use the program.

If a student moves, the grant can still be used as long as the student moves to a school that is part of the ESC. Just make sure to give the school that will take the student a certification letter with the student’s School-ESC identification number before the application deadline.

The grant could end if any of the following things happen to the person who got it:

  • When the grantee drops out for non-health reasons in the middle of the school year;
  • When grantee does not re-enroll the coming school year;
  • If he fails to be promoted to the next grade level or is retained at the same grade level;
  • When he/she is suspended for more than two (2) weeks, dismissed or expelled by the school for disciplinary reasons; or
  • Transfers to a non-ESC-participating JHS.

Grantees who drop out of the ESC program because of a parent or guardian’s death, force majeure, a long illness, or an accident can rejoin the program if they can show proof.


ESC Scholarship/Grant Amount

The amount of the grant is based on where the junior high school (JHS) is located and is given per ESC grantee per school year. The money goes straight to the school and stays the same for four years unless the State Assistance Council agrees to make changes. Check out the picture below to get an idea of how much the grant is.

Note, though, that the school will only pay the total school fees if the total school fees listed in the ESC IMS are less than the amount of the ESC grant.

Requirements for ESC scholarship Grants Program

To all Junior High School ESC applicants (Incoming Grades 7, 8, 9, 10)

  1. Please fill up the ESC FORMS. An incomplete form is invalid.
  2. For ESC grant, prepare the following requirements:
    • Recent Identical 2×2 ID photo (2 copies)
    • PSA Certified Birth Certificate
    • Photocopy of Grade 6 Report Card (for all incoming Grade 7 only)
    • Latest Income Tax Return for the previous year or Certificate of Tax Exemption or                           Municipal Certification of Unemployment of Parents/Legal Guardian

How to Apply for ESC Scholarship/Students Grants

  1. Firstly, meet all the application criteria as mentioned above. Also get all required documents ready.
  2. Scan and send all scanned copy of your online form and other requirements through the following email:
  3. After that, wait for your ACKNOWLEDGEMENT email. It will be sent to you through email before you submit the hard copy of your documents by courier to avoid unforeseen issues.
  4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT email serves as a confirmation to you that your application passed the evaluation of all your documents.
  5. After receiving acknowledgement email, submit the hard copy of your documents by courier to:
    • G.K. Bunyi Street, Dolores, Taytay, Rizal 1920

Note that compliance to all specified requirements is important as that helps to validated you ESC grant application.


Contact Info

You can get in touch with the Monitoring and Processing Unit at or (02) 8570 7322 / (+63) 0917 501 3273 if you have questions, concerns, or need more information. Also, follow them on social media to find out about important news and updates.


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