Enderun College Tuition Fees 2024/2025 | Payment Options

Enderun College Tuition Fees

If you are you considering Enderun Colleges in the Philippines for your higher education, this blog post is for you. Enderun is known for its commitment to providing world-class education in various fields, including business, hospitality management, and culinary arts. An essential aspect of planning your academic journey is understanding the tuition fees and associated costs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore Enderun College tuition fees as well as the academic programs in the college.

What You Should Know About the Enderun College Tuition Fees

Enderun Colleges offers a range of academic programs, each with its own tuition fee structure. Tuition fees can vary depending on the program you choose and whether you are an international or local student.

Program-Specific Tuition Fees

To give you a general idea of the tuition fees at Enderun College, it is better that we provide a highlight base on the programs offered there in the college:

Program Fees – Local Students Fees – International Students
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) PHP 300,000 to PHP 00,000 per semester 400,000 and going up to ₱500,000 or more per semester.
Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management (BSIHM) ₱350,000 to ₱450,000 per semester ₱450,000 to ₱550,000 or more per semester.
Culinary Arts Program ₱300,000 to ₱400,000 per semester ₱400,000 and going up to ₱500,000 or more per semester.

How Much Is Tuition Fee in Enderun Colleges?

The tuition fee for Enderun College differs according to each program. below is a highlight of the fees:

Senior High School

  • PhP 287,000 Academic strand (ABM, HUMMS, STEM and GAS)
  • PhP 345,000 AP Capstone Diploma

Undergraduate Programs

  • PHP 230,000-270,000 for  local students
  • PHP 287,000 for International Students

Additional Costs:

In addition to tuition fees, there are other costs to consider when attending Enderun College. These may include expenses for textbooks, uniforms, culinary tools and equipment (for culinary arts students), and other course-specific materials. It’s advisable to budget for these additional costs as part of your education expenses.

Payment Options

  •  Online bank deposits:
    1. Union Bank, Emerald Avenue Branch
      Enderun Colleges, Inc
      Ground Floor, Winsum Corporate Plaza Avenue Ortigas Center
      Peso Account No: 032-03-0-00708-0
      Dollar Acct. No.: 032-10-1-01350-9
      Swift Code: UBPHPHMM
    2. Bank of the Philippine Island, Mckinley Hill Branch
      Enderun Colleges, Inc.
      G/F units K & L, One World Square Building
      Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City
      Peso Account No: 8521-0003-69;
      Dollar Acct.: No.: 8524-0000-41
      Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Please note that you are to use your Student No. + Student Name as your Reference No.

  •  Over the counter bank payment using details above.

Enderun College Financial Aid and Scholarships

Enderun Colleges recognizes the importance of making quality education accessible to deserving students. They offer various scholarships and financial aid programs based on academic merit and financial need. Be sure to inquire about these opportunities during the application process.

Is Enderun College A Good School?

Enderun Colleges has a reputation for providing quality education, particularly in fields such as business administration, hospitality management, and culinary arts. It’s known for its emphasis on experiential learning and industry connections, which can be valuable for students pursuing careers in these sectors.

However, whether Enderun College is considered a “good” school depends on various factors, including your specific academic and career goals. Here are some considerations:

Ultimately, whether Enderun College is a good fit for you depends on your individual needs and goals. It’s advisable to research the specific program you’re interested in, visit the campus if possible, and speak with current students or alumni to gain a better understanding of the school’s strengths and how they align with your educational aspirations.


Choosing Enderun College for your higher education is a significant step towards a promising future. While tuition fees are a crucial factor to consider, they represent an investment in your education and career. Enderun Colleges’ dedication to academic excellence continues to make it a compelling choice for students seeking the best in the Philippines’ education landscape.

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