Apply for Chevron Scholarships for Nigeria 2023-2024

If you don’t want to miss out on Chevron scholarships for Nigerian students in 2023 as the year runs to an end then you should read to the end of this piece. 

The establishment of Chevron in Nigeria would be traced back to 1913 when Texaco started marketing its products in the country. The prominent company now stands to be not only one of the best oil-producing companies in Nigeria but also one of the most successful companies in the country. Many Nigerians have benefited from this company since it spreads its wings from the United States of America down here. 

In this piece, we shall be talking about the 2023 ongoing Chevron scholarships in Nigeria, one of the benefits many have enjoyed from the company in previous years.


Chevron Scholarships for Nigeria 2023

Chevron offers scholarships to Nigerians every year. It’s your time to take up this offer as most of the 2023 Chevron scholarships are still open to applicants.

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) 2023 Undergraduate Internship Program 

This is a 2023 scholarship provided by Chevron for undergraduates regardless of their gender. It is an opening learning opportunity you want to grab if you are opportune. 

Students qualified to apply for this program are indigenes of Lagos, Delta, and Abuja as obtained from a source

How do you apply for this Scholarship? If you are interested and qualified for this scholarship then you can start the required application processes here. The deadline for the application is not yet known so it’s advisable you apply now. 

Chevron Nigeria 2023-2024 graduate internship program for young graduates

Another offer is to run a postgraduate program for free. This scholarship is an internship program that will last for one year allowing postgraduates to study their desired course. It’s a program for Nigerians regardless of their gender. 

Did you graduate with good grades in your previous course at the University? If yes then a 3.5 CGPA in a 5-grade system. 

Apply for CN 2023 graduate internship program here before the deadline is reached.


Fully funded: National Merit Scholarship in USA

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) 2023 Graduate Program

The CNL 2023 graduate program is quite different from the other programs on our list as it is open for graduates to run postgraduate programs of their choice. 

It is available for both men and women who may be interested in studying with grants from the company. The flaw with this program lies in the reality that only indigenes of Abuja, Lagos, and Delta can apply for it.

How to apply for the CNL 2023 Graduate program? Visit the company’s scholarship site or start your application here

1. NNPC/Chevron Limited 2023 JV Scholarships for Undergraduate Nigerian Students

Apply for this program to take several undergraduate courses including but not limited to computer science, agriculture science, architecture, geology, and law for free.

As required in many Nigerian institutions, a minimum of five credits is what you need to have a higher chance of securing this offer.

If you meet the requirement above then start your application processes here

2. Chevron 2023-2024 Health, Environment, and Safety Internship for Young Graduates

Here comes the second of the two available postgraduate programs in Chevron, 2022. The portal to register for this program is still open to prospective beneficiaries of the various courses offered there.

If you are granted this scholarship as an applicant, bear in mind you’ll study your desired course (as selected from the available ones) in Nigeria for free.

How to apply for this program? If you would like to start with the application processes no later than now then go through this link.


Requirements to apply for Chevron scholarships

The requirement for the Chevron scholarship may differ due to certain factors including the policies of the co-sponsors. Nonetheless, we have gathered some of the general requirements for their scholarships. 

  • Applicants must have a minimum of 5 credits in the O’Level result they are applying with. This result must be made in one sitting. 
  • Copies of required documents must be clearly scanned and uploaded by applicants to prove the genuineness of their qualifications.
  • It is also often required that candidates should have been in a Nigerian institution before applying for any of the company’s scholarship programs.

2023 is already running out, Nigerians who would like to take part in Chevron scholarship programs should start the application now. Remember it’s always better earlier.

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