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SIAM Undergraduate Research Online (SIURO) is a web-based publication devoted to applied and computational mathematics undergraduate research. Analysis, discrete mathematics, statistics, operations research, optimization, dynamical systems, modeling, and computation are among the topics covered in the publication. Physical, life, financial, and management sciences and engineering are examples of typical applications.

How Does SIAM Work?

SIAM undergraduate research online is a research project platform where undergraduate research works are published or accessed. In other words, it allows researchers to access free research materials online and, on the other hand, allows writers to submit their works online.

SIURO publishes articles written by undergraduate students in applied and computational mathematics, providing students with the opportunity to publish research completed as part of their undergraduate education and providing undergraduates with incentives to conduct research. Each paper must be accompanied by a letter from the project’s advisor. On the published paper, faculty advisers or sponsors are identified as “project advisors.” Undergraduate students can share their findings and participate in the full paper review process at SIURO. Students in high school may also submit their work.

  • The project advisor could be a faculty member at the student’s home institution or a visiting faculty member, or someone associated with a non-academic organization or government lab who oversaw the research.
  • The project advisor’s letter must state that the research was conducted while the student was an undergraduate and include the student’s graduation date or expected graduation date.
  • With a “project advisor” byline, project advisors will be listed separately from the authors.

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How Do You Access Research Materials on SIURO?

There are different ways to gain access the SIAM undergraduates research works and they are all free. The research works are classified in volumes and years they are written and published.

You can also get the latest published articles or research works by signing up for free. Sign up to receive emails when a new paper has been posted to SIAM Undergraduate Research Online (SIURO). Sign up HERE

How to Publish SIAM Undergraduate Research Online (SIURO)

  1. To be able to submit a paper on SIURO, you need to create a profile. If you already created a profile, simply login to continue.
  2. Ensure to read the author’s instructions and other important information on the platform before you proceed.

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