Do you want to learn trade skills and you need some grants? The Mike Rowe skilled trade Scholarship foundation 2024 application is open to all eligible candidates who meet all that requirements. Candidates are expected to apply timely as late application attracts automatic disqualification.

Who is Mike Rowe?

Mike Rowe is an American Television presenter, host and narrator who is well known for his work on the Discovery channel series Dirty jobs.

Mike Rowe is the CEO and the founder of the Mike Rowe works foundation, which is responsible for giving out training grants to people wanting to learn a skilled trade.

Apart from Mike Rowe hosting Dirty jobs on the Discovery channel, he has also anchored another interesting program tagged “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” and the “Return of the stink“.

Mike Rowe was born and brought up in Maryland, though he now resides in San Francisco.

Mike is a graduate of both Essex Community college and the Shenandoah Conservatory.

Mike Rowe is interested very much in vocational education and skilled labor. Aside from his television job, he has got some initiatives to advocate for that. Those initiatives include Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation and the Mike Rowe Scholarship fund.

Being an apprentice on the TV show, Dirty jobs, Rowe traveled to almost every state and has worked with skilled workers like, plumbers, electricians, Steamfitters, pipefitters and so many other skilled laborers who have helped keep the society going.

Mike stated in one of his interviews “Due to our crumbling infrastructure, our widening skills gap, the disappearance of vocational studies and the high increase of college tuition – these things are not even the problem”. Those are what we value, and right now we are reconnecting the average American with a skilled workforce. It’s only with this initiative that the next generation will desire to work at hand.

Mike Rowe created mikeroweWorks foundation in 2008 to advocate for skilled labor and also created Mike Rowe scholarships wing to help fund to encourage people that want to go and learn skilled labor.

This scheme is a way through which Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation is working tirelessly to close the skilled trade Gap in America.


Who can apply for Mike Rowe scholarship?

Mike Rowe skilled trade grant is for students who want to make a career in skilled trade. This scholarship is purely based on the financial need of the students.

If you are a student seeking a career in the skilled trades then Mike Rowe Scheme is for you.

Mike Rowe scholarship grant is available to students in in the following STCC programs:

  • Asphalt Academy
  • Aviation Technology, Building Construction
  • Electrician, Fire Science Technology, HVAC, Plumbing.

For a student to be eligible to receive the financial aid from Rowe scholarship scheme, such recipients must be admitted to a reputable trade school, college or University.

How to Apply for the Mike Rowe Scholarship 2024

If you are interested in Mike Rowe scholarships, here are the processes you will follow:

  • First, you will have to fill out the online application form, you will be required to provide personal information, your educational background and of course your financial needs.
  • The second step is for you to write an essay explaining why you need the Mike Rowe skilled trade grant and how it will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Thirdly, you will be required to submit your educational transcripts and letters of recommendation; you can get your result transcripts from your college and you can get your lecturer or instructor to write a letter of recommendation if you don’t have any yet.

After doing the above instructions, all you have to do is to wait for the decision from the scholarship committee. If you are awarded the scholarship you will surely be notified through email.

Applications for the Mike Rowe Scholarship are available online at The deadline to apply for the scholarship is April 19, 2024.


Requirements for applying for Mike Rowe scholarship

  • Enroll in a qualified college or Universities.
  • Sign the S.W.E.A.T Pledge.
  • Get at least two reference letters from bosses or teachers.
  • Answer four short questions.
  • Make a short video explaining why you deserve this scholarship.
  • Get your high school/college transcripts Ready.
  • Submit financial information such as bank account and statement of account.

What Mike Rowe scholarship grant will cover

The scholarship will take care of the cost of tuition and fees for one year of trade school.

The scholarship is just for one year of trade school. The scholarship is available to students of all ages and all backgrounds. This scholarship doe not require any mandatory GPA for a student to access it. To be eligible prospective recipients should demonstrate a financial need and seriousness in chasing a career in a skilled trade.

This scholarship is not just for only the students alone.

Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation also provides grants to institutions and organizations that offer training in skilled trade or vocational education.


Eligible criteria for Mike Rowe scholarship foundation

  • Prospective recipients should be in high school senior or graduated recently (within the last year).
  • Prospective recipients should have at least GPA of 2.5
  • Prospective recipients must be willing and committed to pursue a career in a skilled trade or vocational field.
  • Prospective recipients must demonstrate why they need the financial assistance from the foundation.

Screening process

The selection process is as follows:

  • After filling and submitting a complete online application form, which will include a written easy and a short video by eligible applicants.
  • The scholarship committee will evaluate all the received Application and select the Semi – finalists based on the criteria listed above.
  • The selected Semi finalists will be interviewed via Skype by a member of the scholarship committee. The interview normally takes place between May/early June each year.
  • Those who made it to the final selection will be notified via email for their award in early July.


This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wishes to undergo some skill training in USA. It is a free one year education to choose and learn a skill that would help you achieve your goals.

Since you have gone through the eligibility requirements, deadline, selection and application processes, it’s about time you take a bold step to apply for the grant.

If you have any questions, do well to share it below.


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