LASU Discloses Number of Students to Lose Admission

LASU Discloses Number of Students to Lose Admission

The Lagos State University (LASU) recently made a significant announcement regarding the admission status of some prospective students. In this article, we delve into the details of this development, explore the reasons behind it, and discuss the potential implications.


1. Background

LASU management revealed that 295 candidates offered provisional admission may eventually lose their slots. These candidates are among the 12,298 individuals who received provisional admissions into various departments at the institution.

2. The Reason for Potential Admission Loss

The consequence of losing admission is not due to any internal system glitch. Instead, it stems from the non-provision of required documents/information by the affected candidates. Specifically, the following issues led to their non-clearance:

  • Discrepancy/Non-Availability of Results: Some candidates were rejected at the ICT level due to discrepancies or non-availability of results on the WAEC/NECO portals.
  • Inconsistency in Names: Others were rejected at the faculty level because of inconsistencies in the names on their WAEC/NECO/JAMB admission letters and the non-availability of admission letters.
  • Failure to Upload O’Level Results: Many candidates at Level 1 did not upload their O’Level results on the JAMB portal or change their admitted course on JAMB’s portal.
  • Candidates Who Did Not Commence LACACA: Some candidates at Level 2 did not even begin the LASU Central Admissions Clearance Application (LACACA) process.

3. Implications

The repercussions of this situation are noteworthy:

  • Exclusion from First-Semester Examinations: The 295 candidates who failed to complete the clearance process may not participate in the first-semester examinations, which are already underway.
  • Admission Forfeiture: Unsuccessful clearance implies that these candidates forfeit their offer of provisional admission.

4. Way Forward

LASU emphasizes that the non-clearance was not due to any internal university processes but rather the candidate’s failure to provide the necessary documentation. As the affected students grapple with the consequences, it serves as a reminder of the importance of timely and accurate submission of required information during the admission process.


the LASU administration aims to maintain transparency and uphold standards, ensuring that only fully cleared students participate in academic activities. Prospective students should take heed and promptly address any outstanding requirements to secure their admission successfully.

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