The John Lepping Memorial Scholarship has been created by the Lep Foundation for Youth Education (a general charity that delivers financial aid to students living in New York, N J, or PA aiming to further their schooling).

Students with disabilities are eligible for the John Lepping Memorial Scholarship from the Lep Foundation. Physical disorders including spinal cord injuries, limb loss, and birth deformities are among the qualifying disabilities, as are psychological issues like autism or post-traumatic stress disorder. Applicants must be able to present documentation of their handicap, such as a letter from their doctor.


About John Lepping Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships are offered by the Lep Foundation to students in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Every year, the John Lepping Memorial Scholarship is given out to help disabled young people pay for their studies. Although the grant is open to students with a wide range of physical and psychological disorders, past recipients have included students with spinal cord injuries, unusual skin conditions, cerebral palsy, crippling Lyme disease, Cress Syndrome, and Fraser’s Syndrome. The Lep Foundation offers the scholarship to assist families who are struggling to pay for both a child’s college education and the associated medical and rehabilitation expenses. One $5,000 scholarship will be given out each year.

Deadline for John Lepping Memorial Scholarship

May 1st, 2024

Applications must be sent electronically via or by mail to the Lep Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee, PO Box 299, Millstone Twp, NJ 08510, no later than May 1, 2024.

Please submit the application along with any necessary attachments. Applications submitted through email must include digital versions of all needed materials. Only award recipients will be notified due to a large number of applicants.

Under no circumstances do we pay directly to the student; all checks are made to the school. Awards for scholarships may be used to cover the cost of attendance. The Verification of Enrollment form must be completed and sent to our offices by the school for us to issue a check payable to the school and ship it straight to the school to create a credit in the student’s name. When the check is mailed, the student will be informed. The student is in charge of keeping track of every detail involving their scholarship award.

Scholarship Amount

The amount of the John Lepping Memorial Scholarship is up to $5,000.

Eligibility and Requirements

including, but not restricted to, psychiatric disorders as well as physical ailments (such as birth deformities, amputations, and spinal cord injuries) (autism, post-traumatic stress, etc.). Scholarship recipients are required to present documentation of their disability, along with a letter from their doctor attesting to it. The proof is necessary following the award notice. Please don’t send the application. The candidate must live in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania permanently.

How to Apply for John Lepping Memorial Scholarship

What you’ll need

  • Additional – Provide proof of disability
  • Application Form
  • Application Form May Be Submitted via Email
  • Personal Essay
  • Show Financial Need
  • Suggestions Or Reference letters
  • Transcripts

Click here to start the application for the John Lepping Memorial Scholarship.

Address Lep Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee
9th Whispering Spring Drive
Millstone Twp, New Jersey 08510

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