Woolf Fisher Scholarship Application 2023-24

Woolf Fisher Scholarship delivers the opportunity for New Zealand students to achieve their dreams of forwarding their studies at a postgraduate level at the University of Cambridge.

About Woolf Fisher Scholarship Program

The Woolf Fisher Scholarships were founded in 2003 by the Trustees of the Woolf Fisher Trust to celebrate Woolf Fisher as co-founder, with Maurice Paykel, of the corporation Fisher & Paykel Limited (1934) and as the founding chairperson of New Zealand Steel Limited in 1965.

In 1960 Sir Woolf founded the Woolf Fisher Trust for the promotion of scientific and general education. Its prestigious Fellowship program has supplied extensive study journeys overseas for over 1000 school principals and instructors. Woolf Fisher’s great contributions to industry and education in New Zealand were identified with a knighthood in 1964 and will be memorialized by these Scholarships.

Eligibility, Requirements, and Criteria

The Woolf Fisher Scholarship is available to New Zealand citizens who:

a) must be under the age of 30 in the year of application (i.e. will not have reached their 30th birthday by 31 December in the year the application is presented);

b) must have observed a secondary school in New Zealand for at least 2 years.

c) must have graduated or anticipate graduating with a first-class degree from any university in New
Zealand and to be qualified to study for a doctoral degree at Cambridge University.

No application will be viewed from a student already living outside of New Zealand and no grant
will be made for a post-doctoral degree.

Woolf Fisher Scholarship Amount

A Woolf Fisher Scholarship grants a GBP£18,000 sterling per academic year for each year of full-time study
towards the degree supported at the time of the scholarship.


Deadline and opening dates

Woolf Fisher Scholarship applications must be presented by 1st August in the year prior to that in which the scholarship will be taken up.

How to apply for Woolf Fisher Scholarship

All applicants must apply using the Universities NZ online application portal: https://universitiesnz.communityforce.com/

The online application procedure will request applicants supply:

  1. a copy of their birth credential or other evidence of New Zealand citizenship;
  2. A document summarizing the following:
  • Your offered postgraduate program, including your area of study.
    Include details of any conceivable supervisors with whom you have been in touch and
    what your conversations with them have entailed. [ Maximum of 500 words]
  • Explain any previous circumstances in which you have held supervision roles and the
    the path you have taken to leadership. How would you see yourself becoming a
    forthcoming leader in your domain? [Maximum of 500 words]
  • Explain activities in which you are presently engaged outside of your educational work.
    Why are these important to you? [Maximum of 500 words]
  • Explain how you would see yourself making a notable contribution to the New
    Zealand tomorrow [Maximum of 500 words]
  • the names and connection details of 3 confidential referees;
  • a passport photograph;
  • such other details as seems appropriate to the application or which may from time to time be
    demanded by the Selection Committee;
  • a copy of your academic record supplied by your university.

The online application form will start the nominee to create requests to their referees:

  • 2 of the referees will be university educational referees; they should be informed that their
    references may be used to pursue admission to a university Faculty and a College at Cambridge
    University for the presented research.
  • the 3rd referee should be somebody who can write about the candidate’s other actions (eg.
    community service, sports, and leadership).

Successful students will have their Scholarships affirmed by the Secretary of the Woolf Fisher Trust following
their approval for admission by a Faculty and a College at Cambridge University. Advice on the admission
application process will be provided by the Secretary of the Trust.

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