10 Proven Tips on How to study for the MCAT

Do you want to know how to study for the MCAT? Maybe you have been nursing the zeal of studying to become a medical practitioner, and it’s now time to write the Medical College Admission Test. It is always better to prepare for any kind of test you are going for regardless of how easy or hard it may look. Besides, MCAT is never termed an easy test. It is one of, if not the toughest standardized tests in the United States and Canada. 

However, a student who has prepared very well for this test is in the better place of getting a good score. Owing that most of the questions contained in the test won’t be like the normal classroom exam questions. Though it will come from science and social science subjects but with a different pattern. So, read carefully as I will be revealing to you the best way to study for the MCAT and score very high. 

10 Tips on How to study for the MCAT

There may not be a magical way to study for the MCAT and have answers for test questions even before the test, but there are strategies to understand the questions and know how you answer them. 

1. Understand the MCAT Subject combination 

Knowledge of MCAT Subjects will help you understand what is even needed in the test. Prospective medical students need to have studied biology, chemistry, physics, Psychology, critical and analytical reasoning. Literature, humanities, Accounting and history will also be very helpful subjects. 

These subjects will be further arranged into four sections to make up the MCAT test. And each section requires unique knowledge in answering the question that it will contain. 

2. Learn more about the MCAT 

After you have understood the subjects that are important in the test, you need to fully learn what the Medical College Admission Test is all about. It is a 90 year old computer-based test that is offered by American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). It is a compulsory requirement for any student who wishes to pursue a career in medicine. Medical schools admit students based on their MCAT score. The average MCAT score is 510 but you need 520 to get admitted into top medical school in Canada or the United States. 

3. Get a good MCAT prep book 

There are many Medical College Admission Test Prep books out there and I have even written a review on the best MCAT prep books. These books do not contain a magic spell but they offer premium information and guidance on the subjects you will encounter in the MCAT. Choose the one with enough practice sample questions as it prepares you for the main test. Don’t compromise quality because of the high cost of a good prep material. Always go for the best. 

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4. Begin the preparation early 

Whether it’s your first or second time taking the MCAT, don’t be hasty with the preparation. The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) recommends spending 300 to 350 hours studying for the test but if possible, double that recommended hour. Also, you need to study for at least three months before the main test. And if you have a very bulky prep book, you need to allocate more time in order to finish the material. 

5. Always take the MCAT prep sample tests 

These MCAT sample tests will help you understand how the real Medical College Admission Test feels like. The target here is to understand the questions and develop a unique method of approaching each of them. Just like the LSAT, MCAT questions are not straightforward and require you to understand the patterns to answer test questions without needing to memorize anything. 

6. Develop a personal study plan 

Students need to make use of what works for them while reading for an exam. Some love studying for a long time without breaks while others understand better when there are breaks in between. Some like to study alone while others would prefer having a study partner. The aim must always be to utilize what will make you understand all the topics in the prep book without the need for memorizing. 

7. Have a score target 

While preparing for the test, have a target score that you will be comfortable with. Most of the prep books give you the opportunity to take many sample tests that are like the real MCAT test. Make it seem like you are taking the real test while answering the sample questions, and target a preferred high score. 

8. Work on your accuracy level 

Most times, students would wish to answer many questions in a small amount of time without paying attention to the number of correct answers. Yes, speed is good but if you make lots of mistakes along the way then you need to pay more attention to the accuracy of answers you supply. 

9. Learn to maintain concentration

I hope you already know that it will take about 6 hours to answer all the questions in the four sections of this test. Students who cannot maintain concentration will need to learn how to do so if they want to perform very well in the test. 

10. Take a timed sample test 

For you to build the concentration needed for this test, take a sample test that will mimic the actual test condition and time. Many students don’t take this seriously and that is why they lose concentration a few hours into the real tests. 


Every student who seeks a high score must learn How to study for the MCAT. The tips and strategies I mentioned above will be very helpful. In addition to the 10 above, learn how to meditate while preparing for MCAT. It makes your body and mind relax while proffering a solution to questions. 

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