Halmstad University Scholarships 2024 – Apply Now!

Halmstad University grants scholarships to high-performing international students. To know more information about these scholarships keep reading.

About Halmstad University Scholarships

Every year Halmstad University grants several scholarships to students from outside the European Union/EEA and Switzerland with the condition to pay tuition fees. These scholarships may be offered to students within any discipline of study applying to our Master’s programs at Halmstad University.


Scholarships for international students

All applicants for Master’s program studies at Halmstad University have the chance to apply for 2 different scholarships, one offered by Halmstad University and one granted by the Swedish Institute.

Scholarships for exchange students

Via Erasmus, there are many potentials for you as a student in a higher education institution to study or do an internship within Europe without paying any tuition fees.

Eligibility, Criteria, and Requirements

  1. All applicants must be citizens of a country outside the European Union/EES and are expected to pay tuition fees.
  2. All applicants must show their nationality with a certified copy of the page in the passport with
    the personal information and passport photographs.
  3. The entry condition for the education program must be answered.
  4. Scholarships can only be given for education at Halmstad University.
  5. About scholarships broaden more than one year, normal rules for progress from year
    1 to year 2 apply. Benefactors of scholarships who do not go against the criteria for progression to the
    following year no longer fulfill the criteria for grant of scholarships for the same
  6. The scholarships are offered for the whole master’s program offered that study results
    are adequate: i.e. 50% of the credits must be scored before each semester begins (15 credits
    out of 30). The scholarship benefactors are likely to finish the program within the given
    study time.
  7. The scholarship is only accurate for the particular year and program stated in the admission
    choice. The scholarship is no longer is not open to students who have already been given leave from their studies to further their studies in the following academic session.
  8. The scholarship deals with either all or part of tuition fees. In the situation where the scholarship
    only partly covers the tuition fees, the student must pay the remaining amount
    before the deadline date of payment shown. Halmstad University will notify the applicant in
    what form this due payment is to be paid.
  9. Halmstad University has the right to analyze future payments of offered scholarships. This
    can begin after disciplinary conditions, intermission of studies, or the non-payment of
  10. All applicants who have been offered a scholarship from Halmstad University, but have not
    been offered a residence permit, will lose their scholarship.
  11. Students who no longer are needed to pay tuition fees will not be offered a scholarship for
    the continuance of education programs that do not need tuition fees. The student
    must tell the University in writing if he/she no longer needs to pay tuition fees.

Halmstad University Scholarships Amount

The Halmstad University Scholarships will cover 25% or 50% of the tuition fee and the scholarship amount will be reduced from the tuition fee for the spring session. The scholarship is only granted for the spring session. The number of Halmstad University Scholarships is limited and is only granted to a few students every year.

Deadline and opening dates

The application period for Halmstad University Scholarships for studies beginning autumn 2024 was March 9 to 16. Halmstad University emails the recipients of scholarships after the First Notification of Selection Results on April 7. The online application for the spring session of 2025 will be open in November 2024.

How To Apply for Halmstad University Scholarships

How to apply for a scholarship at Halmstad University

  • Apply for one of their Master’s programs at the university and pay the application fee.
  • Only applicants who are eligible for Master’s programs and are eligible for Halmstad University scholarships will be notified with a link to the online application form.
  • Correctly fill in the online scholarship application form. Please note that you will need to show the application number you will get from University Admissions.
  • The council will award scholarships based on students’ academic merits (Grade Point Average but also ranking of the previous university and proficiency in the English Language). No deliberation will be taken to work experience or the student’s financial state.
  • All applicants with a Halmstad University as their first choice will have arrangements in the nomination.
  • Recipients will receive a letter and an invoice with the reduced scholarship amount. The scholarship must be accepted or declined by the deadline stated in the letter.
  • Students who are not offered a scholarship will not be emailed individually. If you receive an invoice with the full tuition fee amount, you have not been granted a scholarship.

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